Yusuf debuts this week on Trend City Radio with his hard hitting single "Budapest". The 1-2 combo of he and his mans' "Bril".,  show and prove with their version of that Southern California bravado that is unmatched & stands second to none any M.C. from any other region. Could they be the next Dynamic Duo? It certainly is possible; as it seems they certainly have the formula to cook some dope lyrics. They definitely are masters of brandishing the same monotonic style that made RakimProdigy of Mob Deep & Dr. Dre lyrical icons today. Yusef poignantly answers alot of unasked questions that only the elitest of M.C's would have of his talent and validity in the Southern California streets that raised him. He calmly but seriously displays it in the second verse: "... Had no pot to piss in,  now we politicin'/ roaches in the kitchen,  sofa cushions missing',  we ain't know the difference/ gotta little bag,/ now our focus shifted. "... With "Cash Money AP” on the productions, how could you not come as hard as that? It's the exquisitness the way he rides the track with each bar. When you listen to "Budapest" you hear the hunger, the determination, and the brute force in every metaphoric punchline. Think what you will and say what you must, but Trend City Radio gives Yusef & "Budapest"  a rating of 5 outta 5 Flames because, simply put...  This song's fire. Click the YouTube link to watch the new official music video now.

Name: Yusef feat. Bril

Song: Budapest

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/budapest-feat-bril-single/1438984121

Location: Compton/Watts, CA