“Ride” another lap by Ays”

The 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear they call Ays London residing out of the U.K. haven’t been as dominant on the station as the previous years. This summer some of best indie artists from all across the world have signed up to Trend City Radio for their chance to be heard & compete for the top spot in the #Top40Countdown. With the radio station reaching new height’s of talent & attracting more listeners than ever before, it has been extremely more difficult for an artist to reach number #1 consistently. Bringing in a huge new audience of viewers from Africa, U.K., Ireland & the U.S., which can dictate the #Top40countdown an any giving moment by voting for the artist they wish to support. In spite of all this very tough competition from talented artists, Ays London is still doing well & holding his own. He managed to make another Number #1 smash hit just over 2 weeks ago. His international hit “Gold Scar” was voted Number #1 for the 4th time this year 2019 alone. You can now add that to his record holding list of great accomplishments as this has never been done before. This task wasn’t an easy one, Ays London had a two month absence from the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame. Attempting to push phenomenal hit track’s like “Fire & Water” & “Off The Record” to the top once again, who both became extremely close with #Top5 charting on multiple occasions but couldn’t get the job done. When these single’s didn’t meet Ays London expectations he then went back to pushing the iconic single “Gold Scar”, which have been delivering the goods all 2019. With his closest competitor out of the picture, the 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear might just turn it into three times. Winning this great title #ArtistOfTheYear for year’s 2017 & 2018 changed his life forever and helped his music career a great deal. This amazing international music award brought him lots of attention & fame from all sorts of people in the music and entertainment industry. He got a taste of it now and will do what’s necessary to defend his trophy & continue the path that builds his legacy.

Over the last 4 years Ays London has achieved & benefited more than any other artists that have had the opportunity to be heard on this platform. He was voted Number #1 & entered the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame on 23 different occasions, over 30 Number #2 smash hits and not to mention the numerous single’s he made in the #Top5 week in & week out. Last year in 2018 he a landed a single in the #Top5 throughout the entire year. He is the only artist ever to make 5 single’s in the #Top40Countdown. He achieved this twice & once he also made a #4ShowSweep on a particular week. He made the next to the impossible #4ShowSweep 12 different times so far. He won #ArtistOfTheYear for year’s 2017 & 2018 back to back and is leading the current race this year as well. He was picked to participate in the last 4 Trend City Radio Mixtape Compilation’s, which only the very best makes the cut. With the new upcoming Vol.7 Compilation set to be released soon, Ays London is hopeful he will be honoured one more time as one or more of his single’s will be selected to be featured. His latest released album “Money Over Fame 2018” that consist of 15 song’s & two short intro’s, managed to make 8 number one’s, making it an instant classic. These are just a few of many records Ays London currently holds on Trend City Radio. He is still currently being featured in all sorts of top international blogs and famous on-line magazines which is great for him. Sometimes he is featured on a daily basis which helps promote his excellent brand of music all over the world on a regular. He enjoys all the attention he is getting and all the doors it has opened up for him. He is now a familiar face all over the world & appreciate everyone’s invite for a collaboration with him on a new song or to do business. He has achieved lots of great success at a very young age and is still very hungry to achieve even more & better things in the near future. A lifetime of hard work & dedication behind all of his achievements.

The hit single “Ride” is one that is very special to Ays London as it was his second 2x Hall of Fame single. It happened right after the classic “Make Believe” hit Number #1 just a few weeks before. It confirmed his status as a serious music talent whom music fans from all over the world should listen & take seriously. It has a unique music video which Ays London invested lots of his time and money into to create it at a very high standard. Its amazing visual along with Ays London’s on camera performance helped the single “Ride” do very well all over the world, particularly in the USA. Many of Ays London’s U.S. supporters started taking notice of him and following his music after “Ride” was released & shot up the #Top40 charts. It was voted number #1 twice with only a few week’s apart. The music video did thousands of views worldwide & was often complimented on it’s recording in high definition with a wide view. The international Number #1 hit “Ride” was definitely a game changer for Ays London’s music career. This is why I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Many fans have been requesting him to let it make it’s return, they all love and enjoy a lot of his tunes from the early part of his career. He recently decided to give his loving fans what they want from him, He loves all his supporters particularly from the USA. Could the smash hit single “Ride” climb back up the charts to number #1 for the third time in history? Time will tell... Ays London certainly believe so. Look forward to hearing new material soon as he is finally finished recording and producing his long anticipated brand new album, along with a few new visuals as well. However with Major Labels now in-contact & offering lucrative recording deals, it is in his best interest to hold off until he knows which direction he’s going to take. An official announcement will be made to all his loving fans in the near future. In the meantime click the link to watch the official music video to the hit single “Ride” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Ride

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://youtu.be/LHZm932LfpI

Location: London, U.K.

“New Bag” by Juice tha Truth

Rising top tier unsigned talent have been taking the music industry by storm & putting everyone on notice now so more than ever. As they now say “it’s levels to this.”, every artist you come across will not satisfy your musical needs. The creative gene seem to shine much brighter on certain individuals than others for reasons unknown. Juice tha Truth is an rap artist from the new era who many would say carry’s the it factor” after listening to his new hit single “New Bag”. His canny flow, style & delivery is a sound of a veteran in this game. His lyrical content is more than enough to keep one entertained & motivated. The production on this track sound as if it came straight from the hit factory itself. Juice tha Truth did a phenomenal job matching the energy of this up-tempo beat he turned into a certified club banger. Thought it is his first time on Trend City Radio, it’s no doubt in my mind that this single will shoot up the #Top40 charts sooner rather than later. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! “New Bag” by Juice tha Truth defines exactly what a hit is in today’s new era of Rap. I look forward to hearing more in the near future from Juice tha Truth as he plans to take the world by storm musically. You can click the link to listen to the full version of his new hit single titled “New Bag” now.

Artist: Juice tha Truth

Song: “New Bag”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLxSEdX6NaU

Location: Mt. Holly, NJ

"Doing it Over" by Irie Time

If you ever seen the 1978 Drama/Action independent film "Rockers" where a young unemployed drummer "Horesemouth" (Leroy Wallace) does almost everything under the sun to try to make it in the music business in Kingston, Jamaica. You'll wholeheartedly agree with me when you allow yourself to experience the newest Reggae sensation to bless the airwaves of Trend City Radio. Irie Time is the name and "Doing It Over" is there first offering, hailing from Houston, Texas one would be led to believe that a multicultural reggae band from the South-West parts of The United States would be as authentic as traditional Mexican Salsa from New York City. That being said, "Its not where you are from, but where you are at." No matter where you’re from, there is no denying the unrelenting soulful vibes that grace the innermost depths of your soul when listening to “Doing it Over”. With nothing left to the imagination, each musical instrument further exemplifies what is to be alive. If this is the bi-product of what The Wailers parented in the late 1970's, then this is an exact representation of that era. The beautiful nostalgia of the sounds of Jamaica, the "Yardie" movement and the reggae scene that still remains so world renown, had most fans thinking that this could never be duplicated by mainland Americans. It has been well received and equally respected by the reggae community. I rate the new hit single “Doing it Over” by Irie Time, 5 out of 5 Flames! Click the link to listen to the full version now & get taste of Irie Time.

Artist: Irie Time

Song: “Doing it Over”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: http://soundcloud.com/irietime/doing-it-over

Location: Houston, TX

"Let it Go" by Don Jovani

Inspiring Artist Don Jovani has graced Trend City Radio with a new hit single titled “Let It Go” with sound of a little Drake and a taste of The Great Nipsey HussleDon Jovani gives you his reality of real life hood betrayal and the ability to over come it. At one point in his life while attempting to turn things around he found himself unsuccessful to do so. Overthinking & analyzing what could possibly be the reasoning behind his consistent setbacks. Looking in the mirror & noticing that it is the surroundings in which he chose that ultimately could be the cause of direction in life. Don Jovani then made a bold decision & decided to give up all bad habits along with certain individuals that kept breeding negative energy throughout his life. Friend’s & girlfriend’s were both dropped in order for Don Jovani to reach his untapped potential. He explains it much clearer in the hit single “Let It Go”, but with metaphors from a canny smooth flow. Beat made by the talented hit maker Marz who will have your speakers bleeding top quality productionThe collaboration between the two makes for an incredible style of flavor in the hiphop genre. I rate the “Let It Go” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Don Jovani have released several single’s on Trend City Radio prior but none have yet to reach number #1 in the #Top40Countdown. I feel with this new release of “Let It Go”, that can possibly change soon. For Don Jovani it is still early in his music career. Be sure to click the link to listen to the full version of his new single. Don’t forget to follow him on social media to stay up to date with his latest releases.

Artist: Don Jovani

Song: “Let it Go”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://ffm.to/let-it-go

Location: Massachusetts, Lynn (Boston)

“Fire & Water” #1 The Return”

Up & down, good & bad, yin & yang, and now “Fire & Water”. That is the title to one of Ays London’s relatively early single’s which played a huge part in his early success here in the USA. The first time Ays London hit the Trend City Radio airwaves a few years back the listeners took quite a while warming up to his unique style. Releasing top international smash hits such as “Make Believe” & “Ride” took several months for the audience to catch it’s wave. Ays London presents a completely different level of real British HipHop and Rap music never heard before. Shortly after achieving his first number #1 he later dropped the classic hit “Fire & Water”. Taking a chance on how to correctly brand himself in the U.S., the single turned out to be an epic game changer. Rising his music career to new historic heights. Receiving tens of thousands of views on the official music video through several YouTube links. It’s video was done to a very high standard of professionalism which helped to achieve it’s great success. Ays London himself created the plot, props & ideas for the music video as detailed in his real life experiences. He wrote this epic street fight story during very difficult times of his own personal life. All the events he described in the lyrics happened to him & are apart of his past. Ays London lyrics are all about real events and incidents in which he lived. He uses writing lyrics as a therapeutic activity, it allows him to release lots of emotions & negative feelings out his system. He also feels it’s the music that saved his life as it kept him away from making even bigger mistakes & life threatening decisions. Ays London looks at it all as a lesson learned & writing ammunition for the Mic. “Fire & Water” has now become an 2x Hall of Fame single. Will there be a third in the near future? Time certainly will tell. With the catchy hook, compelling storytelling and hard felt lyrics, I wouldn’t bet against it. I rate this classic smash hit single 5 out of 5 Flames!

The multi award winning British artist they call Ays London just had another historic week by having 4 single’s chart in Top40Countdown. While also having his international smash hit “Gold Scar” voted number #1 for the third time this year. This now ties his other 3x Hall of Fame single “Off The Record”. As of now Ays London is the only artist to have two different single’s make number #1 on three separate occasions. Yet another prestigious record held & under his belt. This comes directly after he charted 5 different single’s in the #Top40 & accomplished two #4ShowSweeps Back to Back week’s. After his latest rise to the top Ays London has now accumulated 22 number #1 Hall of Fame hits, with nearly 30 number #2 spot’s, a total of 11 #4ShowSweeps & not to mention the countless single’s that made the #Top5 over the year’s. He is the current 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear in which he won two years in a row 2017 & 2018. He is determined for a third & will do what’s necessary to make sure he remains on top. All of these accomplishments & awards has skyrocketed his career & gained him thousands of new fans all over the world. It also got him featured in hundreds of top international online magazines and digital blogs from across the map. Ays London’s consistency has been a major key to all the roots of his accomplishments.

Ays London latest album “Money Over Fame 2018” is still delivering the goods. This album has now produced number #1 smash hits. Along with every other single on the album peaking at no less than the #Top3. It’s incredible to think that Ays London had a single in the #Top5 for the entirety of last year. This latest classic “Money Over Fame 2018” album played a major role in all the recent success Ays London has enjoyed over the last few months. Many of Ays London fans have been requesting for him to return the album on air. It has now been streaming exclusively on the Trend City Radio Station for the last few week’s every Thursday at 2pm(pst). Most of Ays London’s U.S. fan base have yet to here his earlier tunes in his career, as most of his previous catalog was deleted from all social media platforms. Ays London made this decision as a tactic to get his audience to concentrate more on his newest material. However, after the great success of his latest album & the uproar in request of fans wanting to hear his older tunes. He decided to re-release some of his most popular tracks as a token of appreciation for all of their continuous support. With the older smash hits in rotation along with his latest tunes from the “Money Over Fame 2018” album, it makes for an excellent balance & pleases his entire fan base new & old. Ays London wishes to keep his fans entertained and satisfied with him until he is ready to unleash his brand new album some time this summer. He is also extremely proud to have made the last 4 Trend City Radio Station Mixtapes and Compilations. He is aware that the selection process for their brand new Mixtape will be taking place soon & looks forward to hopefully being one of the few who are selected. As you can see Ays London have accomplished quite a lot in his 15 year music career. He worked & collaborated with some of the best this business has to offer. All of his success his mainly due to his hard work & dedication day in & day out. To learn more about Ays London & his past click the link to watch the official music video to the 2x Hall of Fame single “Fire & Water” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Fire & Water

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-drRSruCgQ

Location: London, U.K.

"Grindin Out" by JaccJones

It is no secret that the Bay Area in Northern California has been prevalent in music due to it's signature style in which they call 'The Hyphy Movement'. From the same soil that such pioneers and musical legends such as E-40, Mack Dre & Too Short laid heavy influence on an ever changing style of rap in music today. Trend City Radio has one of the most electrifying disciples from that same school of thought. Though hailing from Bremerton, WashingtonJaccJones brandishes unrelenting force and fury with his latest single release on Trend City Radio with “Grindin Out” You would gather, from the productions alone that he would be the freshest face to reinvigorate the Hyphy Sound and its movement. I mean I could almost imagine box Chevy's on 24's, swinging figure 8's in the intersections, Ghost riding whips, thizz dancing, and dreadlocks shaking all over again. This is nostalgia from what JaccJones has to offer. From the Productions, there’s a giddy level of anticipation of whats about to hit your sound system, and there was no room for error. JaccJones did not disappoint. His lyrical complexity will have you rewinding the verse two or three times trying to make sense of his punchlines and metaphors, then trying to sing along with the record. This is an instant classic, based on the fact that it hits all points of one of those song that cannot just be played one time. JaccJones displays all the components of excellent lyrical prowess throughout the entire track. I am eagerly anticipating the next release from JaccJones though “Grindin Out” will be banging out of my stock speakers. That is why I give this single a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! I fully expect this this single to push JaccJones music career to new heights in the near upcoming future. Click the link below to listen to the full version of the hit single “Grindin Out” now.

Name: JaccJones

Song: Grindin Out

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: http://youtu.be/lPio8cwNxoc

Location: Bremerton, Washington

"Get It" by D. Denzel

D. Denzel released yet another hit single this week on Trend City Radio titled “Get It”. From start to finish, I would gather that this is one of his better tunes out of his catalogue. That’s saying a lot if you are familiar with the musical hits in which he displays to his audience day in & day out. D. Denzel respectfully represents all aspects of what makes a hit record today by combining gifted vocal prowess with his superior rap style & unforgettable productions. “Get It” is musical wizardry, the way he esquisitly matches the speedy beat and rapid fire lyrics of the daily mantra that every hustler can feel, then chases it down with an R&B vibe. This is classic, nothing can compare to how D. Denzel demonstrates his passion for the pursuit of the hustle. From the hook it instantly catches your attention, one would believe that the start of the track gives you more of a Trey Songs type feel the way some of the vocals are laid. I definitely rate this new single “Get It” by D. Denzel 5 out of 5 Flames! if what you are looking for is a seasoned veteran artist who can spit lyrics & match it with superb production, then look no further. D. Denzel gives you everything and a bag of chips with “Get It”. This song just may have what it takes to reach number #1 on Trend City Radio’s #Top40Countdown. Simply based on the fact that it is a message that every hustler can appreciate. Click the link below to listen to full version of D. Denzel’s new hit single titled “Get It” now.

Artist: D. Denzel

Song: “Get it”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ddenzel/get-it

Location: Brooklyn, New York/Canada, Bellville Ontario

Ays “Gold Scar” Number #1? The Return

When you think of albums like Jay Z’s “Blueprint” or Meek Mill’s first “Dream Chaser” Mixtape, you think classic. These projects become legendary to the millions of listeners from around the world. Though the audience moves forward with their life they never tend to forget as they go back & replay those classic songs from off those historic projects that they have come to love over the years. In Ays London’s case, his latest album self titled “Money Over Fame 2018” just might be the one some would consider classic. Since it’s release on Trend City Radio, this album has been nothing short of dominant. Practically every single on the album that made its run charting the #Top40countdown peeked at no less than the #Top3. The album consist of numerous number #1 smash hits such as “Destiny”“My Zone” & “Gold Scar” just to name a few. It’s timeless single’s like these that helped Ays London capture a record holding 21 number one single’s in the #Top40. Over 25 single’s of his were voted number #2, not to mention the countless of tunes that made the #Top5. Last year he made a single in the #Top5 for the entire year of 2018. This year has also been an phenomenal one thus far for the U.K. artist they call Ays London. Making history just this past Friday by being the first artist to ever make two #4ShowSweeps back to back. Shortly after just doin the same a few weeks ago. However, this go around he did it in style as he charted 5 different single’s in the Trend City #Top40countdownAys London is the first & only artist to ever chart 5 single’s in the #Top40, this is now his second historic occasion. He consistently continues to break his own records & achievements since his 4 year run here on Trend City Radio. That is why he is the current #ArtistOfTheYear for two years in a row, 2017 and 2018. He made the last four Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape’s, in which only the best of the best makes the cut. No one even comes close to the accomplishments & records Ays London holds. When they say “It’s Levels to this”, trust me, it is. Since all of his recent success his popularity have grown largely. Ays London is now being mentioned in top international blogs and internet magazines at an extreme high rate & even some week’s on a daily basis. He is now currently focused on winning the Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear award for the third straight year in his career to help further establish his very own unique brand of music & making him famously known all over the world.

“Gold Scar” has been one of Ays London’s many single’s that have out performed great tunes from other artists across the world. This past Friday it ranked at #2 after making it’s return just a few week’s ago on Trend City Radio. This returning single is also an 2x Hall of Fame tune & the listeners are very familiar with this smash hit. Voted number #1 twice in early 2019 in the month’s of January & February. Is it possible “Gold Scar” can make the Hall of Fame for the third time in history? Ays London feels it’s just a matter of time. Not only because of the creativity & wordplay on the track but also because of the professional animated visual. This is by far one of the best lyrical compositions that Ays London has ever wrote. While listening, your ears are being gifted with metaphorical greatness, it’s as if his Pen-game was on steroids. It will definitely require a second or third listen just to comprehend the message as a whole. As for this particular music video, Ays London decided to get a lot more creative. He decided to go with a very unique professional animated visual. This official music video does an incredible job at highlighting all his metaphors & punchlines. Ays London continues to seek out new ways of creating music & producing brand new visuals for his audience. This is just another example of the musical genius within him. I rate the “Gold Scar” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Ays London plans to release more new visuals from off his brand new upcoming album soon, which will be announced at a later date. He’s promising better quality & master production than ever before. In the meantime you can listen to “Gold Scar” & the entire “Money Over Fame 2018” album exclusively on Trend City Radio. Currently streaming live every Thursday at 2pm(pst) for the next few week’s. Ays London plans on continuing his path of dominance on Trend City Radio. He wants to inspire new upcoming artists to work extremely hard like he did to achieve success and make a name for themselves. Click the link to watch the official music video to the hit single “Gold Scar” to get a glimpse of what Ays London is all about.

Artist: Ays London

Song: “Gold Scar”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJoPB-Ofp6s

Location: London, U.K.

"Money Over Fame" The Return by Ays

Ays London’s phenomenal 17 track album titled “Money Over Fame” was first introduced to us in the fourth quarter of 2018. After receiving the first ever Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear Award for 2017, Ays London made it abundantly clear that he was coming back to retain his title. By mid 2018 things were looking a bit uncertain as the competition had risen, thousands from across the world gave there shot at a chance succeed. Taking no chances, Ays London decided to hit the studio immediately. While doing so the determination gave him the creativity to make some of his best work yet. Introducing hit single’s like “Gold Scar”, this 2x Hall of Fame single took over Trend City Radio by storm. Making number one in the #Top40countdown twice with only a month apart. Some believe its very unique and professionally made creative animated video is what helped kanipualt it to it’s historic achievements. Also single’s like “Destiny” is what kept Ays London in the #Top5 throughout that entire year. He also managed 2-3 single’s in the #Top40Countdown every week. He was voted number #1 on 7 different occasions in year 2018 alone, which now gives him a grand total of 21 Number #1 smash hits in his 4 year run on Trend City RadioAys London is one of the very few artists who’ve had the honor in achieving a #4ShowSweep. However, Ays London now has 9 of these under his belt. This impressive run was nothing less than legendary. The album “Money Over Fame” played a huge part in all of these incredible accomplishments.

One of the major standout singles on this album is a song titled “Desire”. The very first time I listened to the album in it’s entirety, this single grabbed my attention the most. It’s jazzy SnapBack melody blended with excellent delivery from a seasoned veteran on the mic, is what the listener is greeted with. Along with a banging beat-style-play production that resembles riding music on a Saturday night with some of your best friends. “Desire” also left it’s mark on the #Top40countdown in it’s own right. Being voted number #1 & entering the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame in historic fashion. “Desire” is one of the few single’s from off this album that grasp that timeless feel to it. This is a single fans & listeners will continue to love & play as Ays London career moves forward. Another single that caught my attention from off the “Money Over Fame” album is one titled “Save Me”. The concept to this single is a bit of a twist-fall. Ays London expresses himself to the one he has deep feelings for. Due to his past experience with love in his life, he now has build this subconscious wall of security. Though he wants to be in love & enjoy all of the perks that comes along with, he can’t seem to fight off the urge that something devastating will interrupt. Continuously asking the one he wishes to make forever to save him from a place that he calls love. He also describes being in love as a form of sacrifice as he visions everyday of losing her. not knowing the journey, he still is determined to face his fears and play it out in a Do or Die aspect. The message on the “Save Me” track is quite cryptic & will leave listeners wondering & wanting more.

There’s no secret about Ays London & the talent he possesses. The “Money Over Fame” album helped contribute much more success his way. Landing him a 2x Back to Back #ArtistOfTheYear winner for year’s 2017 & 2018. These accomplishments further established his unique brand of music all over the world and particularly in the USA. Another standout single that comes to mind is a tune titled “See You Again”. The very moment I heard this single I was prepped for the turn up. This single is a bonafide party starter. The intro itself automatically snatches your attention as the kicks from the beat start to bleed through the speakers. The melody by Ays London on this particular single will have you singing along by mid-chorus, even if you are unaware of the wordplay. Next thing you know your dancing on your feet as you listen to this track that sounds nothing less than pure perfection. This is simply Ays London at his finest. The “See You Again” single can be played at any club or party, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get the people dancing & on there feet. This is just another one of the many classic single’s on the “Money Over Fame” album.

In spite of all the success Ays London continues to receive, he seems to always be focused on his next goal. The #2019ArtistOfTheYear award is officially up for grabs. Ays London recently fell behind to a new upcoming artist in the race. So he started picking up momentum & worked extremely hard to have his name back in the forefront. With all new talented competitors from across the world, it is now more harder to reach number #1 than ever before. However, Ays London refuse to quit! This past Friday his hard work & grind was rewarded once again when the number #1 smash hit “Off The Record” was voted number #1 once again. This time in the very first week of it’s re-release. “Off The Record” has now officially been voted number #1 on three different occasions. This single is now considered a timeless classic. Ays London is now fully focused on becoming Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear for 3 years in a row. He refuses to lose his crown. Recently he re-released numerous of single’s from older projects. The big majority of his new fans haven’t heard all of his 15 year music catalogue he recently deleted off all platforms. This is the main decision behind him releasing older tunes instead of the brand new ones he have created on his upcoming awaited new album. A release date & new visuals for this new album will be shared soon in the foreseeable future. Ays London is also looking forward to the new Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape & is hopeful to land a spot. He made the last 4 Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtapes & was honored to be apart of that history. Ays London consistently gets featured in more top international blogs & internet magazines than ever before. All due to the hard work & grind he put in his latest album “Money Over Fame”. This album alone produced 6 number #1 single’s in the #Top40countdown making it an instant classic, which is why I give it a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! Not a bad start for an artist who is enjoying running his own business and making all the crucial & big decisions involving the future of his music career. Recently Ays London decided to make the album available for Free download as a token of appreciation to his true fans all over the world. This is his way in saying thank you to them for their continuing love and support. Click the link to download & (or) listen to this amazing album now.

Artist: Ays London

Album: Money Over Fame 2018

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.

"Product" by D.Denzel

D.Denzel ushers in the Spring season releasing his new hit single on Trend City Radio entitled "Product". Brandishing his signature bravado of rapid fire lyrics behind unplugged acoustics gives the listener the appetite of a live version. D.Denzel delivers his version of the gritty lifestyle of the streets and the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of street pharmacology in the pursuit of happiness. The hit single "Product" is freshly orchestrated production-wise, without the use of heavy kick drums to beat down the block, theres no need. Instead, D.Denzel added more flair with flaming hot lyrics, delivery and wordplay. "Product" definitely have the potential to reach number one here on Trend City Radio, I’m certain it will perform well in the #Top40Countdown. That being said, I rate the new hit single by D.Denzel titled“Product 5 out of 5 flames! It brings me to question how many more hits does D.Denzel have in the chamber? With dreams of selling multiple platinum albums & touring the world some day, some may say D.Denzel is off to a great start. Be sure to visit his website at www.DLYOW.com for clothing & more music updates. In the meantime, click the link below to listen to the full version of the new hit single “Product” now.

Artist: D.Denzel

Song: Product

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ddenzel/landr-product-1-high-warm

Location: Brooklyn, New York/Canada, Bellville Ontario 

"Whole Lotta" by Brazil Hill

If you are a fan of that "Southernplayalisticcaddillacmusic" and haven't heard of Brazil Hill by now, then you are in a serious coma. This artist hit the airwaves of Trend City Radio over a few months ago with a flat-out banger entitled "In a Minute". That same single, stood up to some stiff competition as it debuted in the top 10 & made it’s way to number #1 week’s after. “In a Minute” was rated with 5 out of 5 Flames & has now entered the Trend City Radio “Hall of Fame” on two separate occasions. If that wasn't enough, Brazil Hill then released the official music video to the hit single “B-Style”. This particular single slowly gained momentum as the listeners voted it in the #Top40Countdown. Finally reaching it’s way to number #1 after a tough six week battle. Brazil Hill now blesses us with another piece to nod your head to. "Whole Lotta"! Just as the last, this is another flat-out "Banger". Production-wise, there's no question that she's dealing with some heavy-hitters in the game. If not, they're pretty darn close. Lyrically, the only thing different from her first single, "In a Minute" is the fact that she opted to change speeds, and deliver cold hard facts without the use of special effects. Be that as it may, Ray Charles could see that Brazil Hill is destined for greatness. With Brazil Hill adding "Whole Lotta" to the menu, now giving her a 3-Piece Meal Deal (on consecutive songs), making it even more tougher for newcomers to take that Number #1 slot. My only question is, is there anyone out there that can deliver? Brazil Hill is also the current leader in the bracket for the 2019 #ArtistOfTheYear. If she continues to dominate on this path she will definitely remain on top. I rate Brazil Hill new hit single “Whole Lotta” 5 out of 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the full version now.

Artist: Brazil Hill

Song: Whole Lotta

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/brazil-hill18/whole-lotta-main

Location: Mobile, Al

"In A Minute" Number #1? Brazil Hill

This week Brazil Hill decided to reintroduce the Trend City Radio audience to one of his many flat-out Bangers entitled "In a Minute". From beginning to end this song does not miss the musical mark. It has everything that the listener wants from production to lyrical substance. Brazil Hill gives you some real life emotional thoughts of their to their significant other across an up beat club track. From the beginning you are lulled in with a gentle, yet refreshing guitar riff that catches the listener by ear. With vocals that could be easily mistaken for T-Pain, the opening chorus is dropped in with a banging baseline, the drums are impecable. This would turn even the stockiest speakers into a competition grade system plus the replay value of this piece is very high. Brazil Hill displays esquisite mastery in the lyrical delivery with nothing but the real truth, spiced with a lot of swagger. "In a Minute" is one of those rare tracks from an independent artist that can compete with any mainstream song in it's class. This Hall of Fame single was successfully voted number #1 by the Trend City Radio audience in the month of January. Could their possibly be another Number #1 in the near future? This amazing track is one that all would love & would never get exhausted listening to. Trend City Radio rates this single “in a Minute” 5 out of 5 Flames! I truly believe this artist has the “it Factor” & as long as Brazil Hill continues to create music with this type of impact, the future will be very bright & a star will be made. Click the link below to listen to the full version of the hit single “in a Minute” now.

Artist: Brazil Hill

Song: In A Minute

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/0setvnn25TM

Location: Mobile, Al

“Ice Cream” by Cameron Nino

Cameron Nino has released his much anticipated new single this past week on Trend City Radio entitled “Ice Cream". From start to finish, this song is a hard hitter. Based on production alone,  its replay value is rated very high according to my taste. Cameron Nino give fans what they are missing. The "Soft Rock" guitar drop-ins, paired with a baseline that'll set off any 2-bit car alarm just gets the mood right for a friendly trip to the "Ice Cream" parlor. The lyrics are on point.  Cameron Nino delivers some serious game like a true wordsmith. The metaphorical fashion that he packages each punchline is uncanny. With “100 Miles" & "Isabelle Rae" as featured guests, to spice up the track, instantly pushes "Ice Cream" into a second gear. This is art at its finest. I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Cameron Nino have been inspired by many great artists such as Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Ozzy Osborne, The Beatles, EWF, Drake & Michael Jackson. His current goal is to create music that makes people feel awesome while contributing to the evolution of mankind. Live and have fun! You can checkout Cameron Nino new single “Ice Cream”, now available on all of the top musical platforms. Click the link below to listen to the hit new single now.

Artist: Cameron Nino

Song: Ice Cream

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://goo.gl/32pVEE

Location: Los Angeles, CA

“Make Believe” #1! The Return”

In the music industry there are many great artists all around the world who continues to share & create classic hits. As an artist advance their career when the years go by, there is always a classic single or album in which the fans will always love & can forever go back to. In the case of Ays London there is one tune in particular that will always capture the heart of his supporters. One of his earliest tunes titled “Make Believe” is what started all of his international success which followed him over the years. This single was his very first number #1 in the USA after featuring in Trend City Radio music competitions & taking over by storm. It’s now been over 4 years since he released the classic smash hit “Make Believe”. The tune grew so popular that Ays London had no choice but to create “Make Believe 2", which is also considered a heavy classic. Shortly after celebrating his #BackToBack wins for 2017 & 2018 #ArtistOfTheYear, he decided to re-release some of his greatest single’s in recent years as a token of appreciation to all his fans & supporters. Ays London was extremely happy that the returning Number 1 international smash hit “Make Believe” was well received by his adoring fans all over the world. Voted in the top 5 on Friday’s Trend City Radio #Top40countdown in the very first week of its return. He is expecting better things to come in the next upcoming weeks. Perhaps another number #1? Time will tell... “Make Believe” definitely has the potential to reach even bigger heights then it did in the past. The classic hook, combined with the great production & lyrics everyone can enjoy, makes an excellent blend. I rate the “Make Believe” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Ays London is seriously considering returning a few other top Number #1 international smash hits which his fans have been asking him to re-release on Trend City Radio once more. Be sure to keep an ear out for more material in the near future.

The new year 2019 has started in a similar fashion to last year 2018 for the young talent from London, U.K. name Ays London. His most recent smash hit “Gold Scar” was recently voted Number #1 for the second time. On the 4th of January & the 8th of February, Ays London entered the 2019 Trend City Radio “HALL OF FAME”. Being voted number #1 twice with the same hit single is far from easy. “Gold Scar” has now joined other great single’s by Ays London who were voted Number #1 twice such as “Ride”, “Fire & Water”, “Dream Girl” & “Off The Record”. Some say that it is the unique new animated video that pushed it over the top to reach number #1 yet again. Shortly after Ays London retained his title for #ArtistOfTheYear which he now won two years in a row, he is much more confident in his music skills and abilities. He is also getting featured in more digital blogs & top international on-line magazines at a phenomenal rate. Sometimes on a daily basis. This is obviously great international exposure for him and is strengthening his excellent and very unique brand of music. Things are going very good for him and his own label at the moment. All the very hard work and grinding he put in over the years are finally paying off big time now. Being rewarded for all of his dedication& hard work towards his music career for nearly 15 years. Since joining Trend City Radio Ays London now holds some of the most prestigious records. He now has 20 Number #1 smash hits, 7 #4ShowsSweep’s, 2 #ArtistOfTheYear Award’s #backtoback. He’s had multiple single’s featured in the last 4 Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape’s. He’s had a single make the #Top5 every week for the entire last year of 2018 and continue to do so in fashion for the new year of 2019. He now has two Number #1’s in 2019 & it’s only February. Not to mention the numerous of single’s making Number #2 & Number #3 week in and week out. Ays London new album “Money Over Fame 2018” has helped him a great deal in all of his recent success. Since it’s release in the final quarter of 2018 it has made a huge impact on all current Trend City Radio weekly live show’s & #Top40 ranking. This new album helped Ays London to his last 6 number #1’sThe album was recently rated 5 out of 5 Flames! You can hear the new album on Trend City Radio as it is currently streaming live every Friday at 2pm(pst). Ays London is now receiving very lucrative offers from mega & huge international labels. He loves all his fans from all over the world a great deal & particularly in the USA. His success is fueled by their continuing love and support which helps him stay on top. Ays London focus is now on winning the #ArtistOfTheYear award for the third time in a row. With more top tier artists signing up he now understands it will be more competitive than ever before. He is up for the challenge & will continue to work hard until he accomplish his goal. Be sure to click the link to watch Ays London official music video to the hit classic “Make Believe” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Make Believe

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/make-believe-1-by-artist-ays-london

Location: London, U.K.

“The Otherside" by Pexxa

Pexxa relased his latest single on trendcityradio.com this past week entitled "The Otherside". This is one of those West Coast BangersPexxa delivers a bevy of hard-hitting punchlines in his ominous representation of the rap kingpin lifestyle in which eloquently navigates through with such flair. He also presents each deliberate bar in such a fashion that is parallel only to the elitist emcees. I rate the hit single "The Otherside" 5 out of 5 Flames! This is very much so worthy art due to the fact that Pexxa gives you a dual sided perspective of each path option Light/Dark, Black/White as well as Yin/Yang, his delivery is matched with uncompromising skill. The official music video for the single “The Otherside” was released early 2018. Now close to over a year & 10,000 plus views, Pexxa still believes this could be one of his many breakout single’s. Inspired by artist such as Michael Jackson & Biggie Smalls. His dream is to one day tour worldwide & to inspire and move as many people as possible with his music. He continues to release the highest quality of music he possibly can while respecting the culture & art that is Hip-Hop. Click the link below to listen to Pexxa on Spotify or click the YouTube link to watch the official music video now.

Name: Pexxa

Song: The Otherside

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/5xD9NvuGIeiHydG4A1CQwk

Location: Los Angeles, California

"Slow Funk” by Dave Rogers

  Dave Rogers released a new single this past week on TrendCityRadio.com entitled "Slow Funk". If you are a fan of the days of yester-year where such bands like "Parliament", "Funkadelic" and Earth Wind and Fire reigned supreme, paving the way for a little band called "The World Clases Wrecking Crew". Then later on down the line influencing a new style of funk music called "G-Funk", then Dave Rodgers' "Slow Funk" is right up your alley. Seriously, Dave Rodgers took us back, Way back and composed a timeless classic. I mean this is what people would pay to see live in concert, 25 to 30 minute jam sessions with “never get played-out material”. If you close your eyes listening to "Slow Funk", you can vision it being mentioned next to some of the greatest old-school classic’s of all time. Dave Rodgers has presented many great quality single’s to TrendCityRadio.com in the past that have exceeded expectations. Perhaps this is the one that can lead him all the way up the #Top40 charts & into the Trend City Radio “Hall of Fame”. I rate the “Slow Funk” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen & (or) purchase the new single titles “Slow Funk” now.

Artist: Dave Rogers

Song: Slow Funk

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Slow-Rogers-feat-Brian-Morgan/dp/B07KWLPNT8/

Location: New Jersey, U.S.

“Gold Scar” #1? by Ays”

Ays London has already started the new year of 2019 on a high note as he is still celebrating winning Trend City Radio’s huge international competition & awarded #ArtistOfTheYear back to back for the year’s 2017 and 2018. Picking up right we’re he left off, the first week of January Ays London’s latest hit single “Gold Scar” was voted number #1 in the #Top40Countdown. Making him the very first artists to be inducted in the new 2019 “HALL OF FAME”. This past Friday, Ays London completed the next to impossible #4ShowSweep by having one of his single’s voted favorably on all 4 live show’s. He & only one other artist have reached this accomplishment, but Ays London has now done this on seven separate occasions. He wants to send a clear message to all artists & competitors that he means business. He’s looking forward to retaining his #ArtistOfTheYear title for a third year in a row. Ays London knows many great artists will be gunning for his crown, he plans to be more ruthless in this new year of 2019. He is planning to work extremely hard to capture as many number #1 hits as possible. He wants to add to his 19 Number one smash hits he already captured since joining Trend City Radio over four years ago. Not to mention over 20 single’s that we’re ranked in the second & third position of the #Top40Countdown. Plus numerous of song’s in the #Top5 on a a regular basis. Ays London was the only artist to have a single make the #Top5 for the entire year of 2018. What an amazing accomplishment! He reclaimed his #ArtistOfTheYear title in style by making 7 of his 19 Number #1 smash hits last year alone. He is currently averaging 3-4 single’s weekly in the new year, him & his team consistently work around the clock to keep him amongst the best.

Since the release of Ays London latest album “Money Over Fame 2018” everything changed for the better. Improving his sound has paid off handsomely. He is extremely happy with the great response and feedback he is receiving from fans all over the world. Just recently one of the track’s titled “Super Star” was selected out of thousands of other single’s from many different artists to be apart of the new “Trend City Radio Compilation Vol.6” Mixtape. Before that, the hit single “My Zone” was chosen to be apart of “Trend City Radio Compilation Vol.5“. Ays London’s new album “Money Over Fame 2018” have featured in some of the top international blogs and digital magazines at a phenomenal rate, due to his great international success. British blogs are now aware of the new album & feature it three to four times weekly on their platform. Trend City Radio have now been streaming the new album exclusively for the last three week’s. You can listen to it live every Friday at 2pm(pst) for the next few week’s on Trend City RadioAys London also recently decided to make it available for download for a limited time as a thank you to his fans for all the love & support. Some are now considering the new album to be a classic! Five number one’s plus many more achievements Ays London have earned is because of this wonderful album. The one single everyone is glued to at the moment is a tune titled “Gold Scar”. This number one smash hit climbed up the charts the very moment it hit Trend City Radio. Metaphorically it is just on another level compared to many of the artists on the radio station. Punchline after punchline, bar after bar, every moment in listening to this song will keep you entertained. The professionally made animated music video that was recently released played a huge part in it’s success. Due to the continuous popularity of the animated music video Ays London now feels "Gold Scar” has the potential of reaching number #1 again in near future. Other Ays London tracks like “Make Believe”, “Ride", "Fire and Water", “Dream Girl” and “Off The Record”, all have reached the “Hall of Fame” twice. Can “Gold Scar” carry the same faith? Time will tell... I rate the “Gold Scar” single 5 out of 5 Flames! If you’re into lyrical wordplay then this is one I would certainly recommend. Ays London is now currently working on a brand new album but is in no rush. He is slowly perfecting his craft & will be set to give an release date on his new material in the near future. Click the link now to watch the Professional animated music video “Gold Scar”.

Name: Ays London

Song: Gold Scar

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/cJoPB-Ofp6s

Location: London, U.K.

“Every Decision” by Dingazz Music

Dingazz Music has been blessing Trend City Radio with track after track for quite some time now, and each one has out done the other. The last single that aired on TrendCityRadio.com was titled “One” & sky rocketed up the charts just week’s after it’s debut. Landing Dingazz Music into the Hall of Fame with another classic hit. This time they have graced us with their latest cut "Every Decision" featuring Ramize Yardsoul.  These London Yardies impacts the listener firstly through a full course of rhythmic experience similar to the sweet sounds of the Bob Marley and the Wailers of in the 70's. This is Neo Rastafarian Soul at its finest. This is drums and keys played live (no synthesizers). This is the same feel that made Gregory Isac, and Jimmy Cliff pioneers of Rasta Music today. Paired with transparent lyrics that are captivating as well as empowering, simply put. Motivating on all levels. The reverb draw and delay on the vocals is one of my favorite tactics, and they executed it excellently. I was fully submerged in the passion of "Every Decision" & am anxiously anticipating more from Dingazz MusicI rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Listen to more of Dingazz Music now by clicking the link below.

Artist: Dingazz Music (ft. Ramize Yardsoul)

Song: Every Decision

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/dingazzmusic/every-decision

Location: London, England

"Ays London #ArtistOfTheYear for Years 2017 & 2018"

The year 2018 was by far the most competitive year on Trend City Radio for all artists who heavily competed on a weekly basis, as an attempt to reach number #1 in the #Top40Countdown. The artist who received the most number #1 single’s throughout the entire year would be granted #2018ArtistOfTheYear. Indie artists from all over the world signed up by the thousands for a chance to capture the Trend City #2018ArtistOfTheYear award, and to also have a year’s worth of bragging rights as the best to hit Trend City Radio. The first half of 2018 it was several artist who stood out the pack to champion their way to be known as one of the best. As the fourth quarter of 2018 came around, it was one artist in particular who visioned there eyes on the prize & decided to go all in. This artist goes by the name Ays London who was born & raised in London, U.K.. Ays London is also the same artist who just so happened to capture Trend City Radio’s very first #ArtistOfTheYear award in year 2017. After winning the award in 2017, Ays London developed a bigger audience for his fan base & more attention from major record labels, supporters, & listeners from all across the music industry. This fueled Ays London as he was determined to put in all the necessary long hours & late nights of hard work everyday to insure he reclaimed his throne in year 2018. Ays London is the one & only artist to ever win “back to back” #ArtistOfTheYear awards on Trend City Radio. He has definitely earned his stripes in the entertainment business & competed with the best of the best.

Shortly after winning the 2017 #ArtistOfTheYear award. Ays London fan base sky rocketed on a global scale. With now receiving support from both the U.S. & The U.K., he was on top of the world. Consistently being mentioned in the top international blogs & magazines across the music industry. Major record labels contacting him as an attempt to sign him to an exclusive record deal. Ays London enjoyed all of the extra attention & support he now had in his corner. He made a bold decision & decided not to resign with his former label, and instead decided to create his own record label & remain independent. He wanted a chance to finally take his career into his own hands. With over 14 years of experience in this business he wanted to be in the driver seat of his own career. His first act as the CEO he decided to delete his entire music catalog from all social media platforms & start from scratch. Upgraded his studio with all new equipment in order to develop a new & unique sound. This was a huge risk & some questioned his decision making, but it ended up being a huge payoff. Early 2018 Ays London was a bit behind in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll. With new top tier talent now competing on Trend City Radio it was extremely difficult at times for Ays London to keep a respectable holding in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll as he fell behind on several occasions. The determination in him would not allow him give up. Instead he hit the studio hard creating a new & improved sound for himself with amazing tracks that are now considered “instant hits”. He started off by dropping professional visuals to hit single’s such as “My Zone” & “Mysterious Girl”. He then started dropping more single’s & announced an upcoming brand new album titled “Money Over Fame 2018”. Once certain artist caught on to Ays London strategy, which was adding multiple single’s on each live show to increase his chances to enter the #Top40countdown, others quickly followed. He then turned it up a notch more by adding additional single’s but only in the “Daily Rotation” as a way to increase his chances even more. All of the new single’s that were added was all from off the upcoming album to give his fans a taste for what’s to come. As month by month went past, Ays London slowly caught up to his competition in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll. The moment his top competitors gasped out of new material to present, Ays London was just getting started. Throughout the entire year of 2018, Ays London managed to keep an average of 3-4 singles in the #Top40Countdown on a weekly basis. This was an increase from the old average of 2-3 singles he would average in the previous years. He had an amazing 3 month stretch towards the end of the year when hits like “Mysterious Girl” ,”Desire” and “Broken” all made it to number #1Ays London was also the only artist to have a single chart in the #top5 throughout the entire year of 2018. Within that year he also had 7 different single’s chart number #1. Not to mention the dozens of different occasions he made single’s rank at the second & third positionYear 2018 was definitely the year of Ays London.

Ays London now sits in bracket far ahead from any other artist to ever hit Trend City RadioContinuing to break his own records as the months go by. Now winning #ArtistOfTheYear “Back to Back” for year 2017 & 2018. With a grand total of 20 Number 1 single’s. Which is by far so much ahead, no one even comes close. He has accomplished the next to impossible #4ShowSweep on 7 different occasions. You got to ask the question “Can anyone stop him?”. The first week of year 2019 & he already is leading the pack out the gate. Ays London has proven he is very strategic in how he likes to promote his music which brings in results. Ays London is extremely happy that he now has a huge international fan-base particularly from the U.S.. He keeps receiving messages of love & support from new fans all over the world. Expanding his fan-base in the U.S. was always the goal. He loves his U.S. fans a great deal for accepting his work of art and unique brand in music. After the great success Ays London achieved he decided to reward his international fan-base by releasing his long anticipated new album “Money Over Fame 2018” & making it available for free download. All of the response’s & positive feedback he has received has been overwhelming. Ays London can’t thank his fans enough for the support through his entire musical journey. Will Ays London be capable for a #3Peat when it comes to the #ArtistOfTheYear award in 2019? Time will tell... For the next 4 weeks Ays London has decided to stream the new album “Money Over Fame 2018” live on Trend City Radio every Friday at 2pm(pst). Ays London is currently working extremely hard on finishing another brand new album, which will be released in the near future. He will keep his fans updated with its progress and give them a release date in due course. Also be on the look out for new single’s & visuals in the near future as well. Congratulations to Ays London for winning #ArtistOfTheYear two years in a row (2017 & 2018).

Name: Ays London

2018 Artist of The Year!

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.

"In A Minute" by Brazil Hill

Brazil Hill is making his first appearance on Trendcityradio.com by bringing in the new year with a flat out banger entitled "In a Minute". From the beginning the song grabs your attention from the solo riff of what seems to be a Spanish Guitar a sound signature that remains prevelant in a lot of southern Rap and R&B. Then the beat drops and your gleefully thinking to yourself, "Ok...OK.." Before you know it he's knee deep into his opening hook so powerfully, with all the soul that he can muster, and your head's nodding like who's this? The world ain't ready for this, I can tell... You are baffled and a tad bit confused, trying to regain your equilibrium as the producer took the essence of Mike Tyson's Right Cross to the body and made it into a beat. Non the less the novice listener is rendered baffled trying to navigate through the Brazil Hill's audiotoned lyrics as if they were in a surreal state of sleep and couldn't decipher what (if any) was fantasy or not. But to Stay on topic, “In a Minute” is catchy, but not basic. You, your kids, and your Dear Old Grandma can diddy-bop to this. His style is trendy and timeless Its like Blues before it get to the heartbreaking parts. From the production, to the lyrics, down to his swag & the delivery, Brazil Hill made "In a Minute" an instant classic, Period. I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the full version of the "In a Minute" single now.

Artist: Brazil Hill

Song: In A Minute

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6gG7ppLBI8BvvCGQ7an4aR?si=qkw3ZN8ORJKjpbF6ibigCA

Location: Mobile, Al