"In A Minute" by Brazil Hill

Brazil Hill is making his first appearance on Trendcityradio.com by bringing in the new year with a flat out banger entitled "In a Minute". From the beginning the song grabs your attention from the solo riff of what seems to be a Spanish Guitar a sound signature that remains prevelant in a lot of southern Rap and R&B. Then the beat drops and your gleefully thinking to yourself, "Ok...OK.." Before you know it he's knee deep into his opening hook so powerfully, with all the soul that he can muster, and your head's nodding like who's this? The world ain't ready for this, I can tell... You are baffled and a tad bit confused, trying to regain your equilibrium as the producer took the essence of Mike Tyson's Right Cross to the body and made it into a beat. Non the less the novice listener is rendered baffled trying to navigate through the Brazil Hill's audiotoned lyrics as if they were in a surreal state of sleep and couldn't decipher what (if any) was fantasy or not. But to Stay on topic, “In a Minute” is catchy, but not basic. You, your kids, and your Dear Old Grandma can diddy-bop to this. His style is trendy and timeless Its like Blues before it get to the heartbreaking parts. From the production, to the lyrics, down to his swag & the delivery, Brazil Hill made "In a Minute" an instant classic, Period. I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the full version of the "In a Minute" single now.

Artist: Brazil Hill

Song: In A Minute

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6gG7ppLBI8BvvCGQ7an4aR?si=qkw3ZN8ORJKjpbF6ibigCA

Location: Mobile, Al