“Burn This City”

The Dirty Pedals recently made there debut on Trend City Radio with their latest single "Burn This City". An excellent fusion of alurring acoustics, behind a fire array of captivating lyrics filled with relevant metaphors and punchlines that we can all relate to. With the nostalgia of legendary ballads from superbands of yester-year, The Dirty Pedals will surely carry the torch into the new age. From beginning to end of this new single "Burn This City" you are gracefully acend into flight. Then by the hook you realize the musical fierceness of the beauty in this song. Imagine if you will,  the vocal grace and power of Carrie Underwood, the mystique of Alison Wonderland, combined with the swaggar of Nickelback wrapped in one band, The Dirty Pedals is what you get. "Burn This City" has everything that you want in a song of its class. I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! I am anticipating more from The Dirty Pedals. Lookout for more new music in the upcoming year, The Dirty Pedals plan on releasing two collections that are thematically tied together & part of a trilogy. Click the link below to watch the official music video to the new hit single "Burn This City".

Artist: The Dirty Pedals

Song: Burn This City

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-578155573/burn-this-city-by-the-dirty-pedals

Location: New York, New York