“Movie” by Beng Trav

Beng Trav is an new up & coming rap artist bringing some serious heat from Cleveland, Ohio! His track titled “Movie” gives you a vivid picture of what his life is like. You can just hear the magic as soon as the intro starts, it doesn’t take more than thirty seconds to become hopelessly entranced with this song’s excellently designed harmonies. The hook draws you in with a very catchy melody. Beng Trav has created an intense rhythmic sound that makes you want to hear more of his dynamic music. This track would be a perfect concert opener! The crowd would immediately agree that the production on this track is quite fascinating. Combining that with the way Beng Trav rides the beat create’s a sensational tune. The hit single “Movie” deserves an class A rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! While Beng Trav works hard to create new music, he is also focusing on goals he has set forth for his family. With dreams of making it big in the industry. His main reason is to bring his family out of poverty for a better life. Losing friends, having family locked up & people turning their backs on you can be a real eye opener. It won’t be long before Beng Trav achieves his goal of 100K streams, especially in the route he continues to take musically. He’s definitely speaking from the heart on this track & I would recommend everyone a listen. Click the link now to hear the full version of the new hit single titled “Movie”.

Name: Beng Trav

Song: Movie

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/movie/1476950468?i=1476950471

Location: Cleveland, Ohio