“One Of Dem” by Instant JJ

Now days, it can be a real challenge to find some great R&B music but artist instant JJ has brought yet another new HOT banger to Trend City Radio. He previously debuted several incredible R&B tracks on the station for the past 2 years, some have managed to reach Hall of Fame status. Track’s like “Red Cup” & “Whoa” we’re both voted number #1 on the Trend City Radio #Top40Countdown. “Whoa” was also recently selected out of thousands of track’s to be apart of the new Trend City Compilation Mixtape. Now after a few month’s have goin by, Instant JJ is back with a new hit single titled “One of Dem” featuring female rap artist Vixen. She brings a sweet but raw sound to the track, which makes up an excellent blend for a nice duo! She compliments his style by lacing the track with some explicit yet passionate lyrics. Instant JJ’s vocals are simply appealing and impressive. His ability to hit high notes with such perfection is what really separates him from other artists in his genre. He is definitely a confident artist and you can hear that throughout the entire track. You can really hear the creativity in his voice as he sings some angelic tunes. The melody and range in his voice is very well balanced, he continues to improved his singing at a phenomenal rate while time passes by. The “One Of Dem” track definitely deserves a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! Looks like this track came just in time for baby making season! So add this one to your place list and vibe to this smooth tempo. Click now to listen to the full version of Instant JJ’s new hit single “One of Dem”.

Name: Instant JJ

Song: One Of Dem

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/jeffery-jacobs-2/one-of-dem-ft-vixen

Location: Ocala, FL