"Grindin Out" by JaccJones

It is no secret that the Bay Area in Northern California has been prevalent in music due to it's signature style in which they call 'The Hyphy Movement'. From the same soil that such pioneers and musical legends such as E-40, Mack Dre & Too Short laid heavy influence on an ever changing style of rap in music today. Trend City Radio has one of the most electrifying disciples from that same school of thought. Though hailing from Bremerton, WashingtonJaccJones brandishes unrelenting force and fury with his latest single release on Trend City Radio with “Grindin Out” You would gather, from the productions alone that he would be the freshest face to reinvigorate the Hyphy Sound and its movement. I mean I could almost imagine box Chevy's on 24's, swinging figure 8's in the intersections, Ghost riding whips, thizz dancing, and dreadlocks shaking all over again. This is nostalgia from what JaccJones has to offer. From the Productions, there’s a giddy level of anticipation of whats about to hit your sound system, and there was no room for error. JaccJones did not disappoint. His lyrical complexity will have you rewinding the verse two or three times trying to make sense of his punchlines and metaphors, then trying to sing along with the record. This is an instant classic, based on the fact that it hits all points of one of those song that cannot just be played one time. JaccJones displays all the components of excellent lyrical prowess throughout the entire track. I am eagerly anticipating the next release from JaccJones though “Grindin Out” will be banging out of my stock speakers. That is why I give this single a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! I fully expect this this single to push JaccJones music career to new heights in the near upcoming future. Click the link below to listen to the full version of the hit single “Grindin Out” now.

Name: JaccJones

Song: Grindin Out

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: http://youtu.be/lPio8cwNxoc

Location: Bremerton, Washington