"Get It" by D. Denzel

D. Denzel released yet another hit single this week on Trend City Radio titled “Get It”. From start to finish, I would gather that this is one of his better tunes out of his catalogue. That’s saying a lot if you are familiar with the musical hits in which he displays to his audience day in & day out. D. Denzel respectfully represents all aspects of what makes a hit record today by combining gifted vocal prowess with his superior rap style & unforgettable productions. “Get It” is musical wizardry, the way he esquisitly matches the speedy beat and rapid fire lyrics of the daily mantra that every hustler can feel, then chases it down with an R&B vibe. This is classic, nothing can compare to how D. Denzel demonstrates his passion for the pursuit of the hustle. From the hook it instantly catches your attention, one would believe that the start of the track gives you more of a Trey Songs type feel the way some of the vocals are laid. I definitely rate this new single “Get It” by D. Denzel 5 out of 5 Flames! if what you are looking for is a seasoned veteran artist who can spit lyrics & match it with superb production, then look no further. D. Denzel gives you everything and a bag of chips with “Get It”. This song just may have what it takes to reach number #1 on Trend City Radio’s #Top40Countdown. Simply based on the fact that it is a message that every hustler can appreciate. Click the link below to listen to full version of D. Denzel’s new hit single titled “Get It” now.

Artist: D. Denzel

Song: “Get it”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://soundcloud.com/ddenzel/get-it

Location: Brooklyn, New York/Canada, Bellville Ontario