ZMC "Mary Jane"

     ZMC is back! Shortly after releasing his hit single “Searching” on the Trend City Radio airwaves just a month ago. The single did tremendously well competing in our Sunday’s #Top30countdown. As the week’s went by the single “Searching” found itself in the #Top10 on a few occasions. Now ZMC is back with a new track titled “Mary Jane” featuring another great talent that goes by Staff. This track tells a story about how Mary Jane’s love is something like a drug. Gives you a great feeling but in the end, it’s really no good. This track starts off by “Mary Jane” (Marijuana) perceiving to be this amazing girl but in reality she gets around staying busy with other guys. With ZMC being warned by his homies, Mary Jane begins to start coming and going like a high. That’s when he decided his feelings for her need to change. The flow on this track is so smooth. You can paint a perfect picture of this story by just listening to the words. Very nice and catchy hook with an amazing beat that gives you a 90’s feel. The singing brings a lot of soul to this track as well. I rate the “Mary Jane” single 5 outta 5 Flames! ZMC is inspired by great rappers such as J Cole & Eminem who happen to be two of the best “story tellers” in the rap game. I really like how this track was flipped, It explains how addicting “Mary Jane” can really be. It’s been well documented that love & drugs can give you the same feeling. Some feel they can’t live without it. Coming from Cleveland, OH artist ZMC brings unique and positive music that tells a story of true events that occurred in his life; which includes his decision to stop smoking marijuana all together. To get the full story, be sure to check out his brand new mixtape titled “Epiffany”. Click the link now to listen to the new hit single “Mary Jane”.

Name: ZMC

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Cleveland, OH