Eto'o Tsana

     This past Sunday Eto'o Tsana was voted number #1 here on Trend City Radio. Though she presented quality music numerous of times before, the love & support she holds now from our listeners have never been stronger. Eto'o Tsana decided to debut her new music on Trend City shortly over a month ago. The listeners have welcomed her music & the culture she represents since her return. Slowly the hit single “Boye” picked up momentum as the week’s went by & now have finally made it’s mark. The hit single Boye” is a very upbeat track that instantly gives you a Reggae feeling. This track is focused on how she is attracted to the way this guy makes her want to dance and move. Being a VIP; She chooses him out of everyone and makes it a point to note that nobody has to know. Keeping it a secret makes this Boye very interesting. She is really feeling his style and can’t wait to show him the way she moves. Eto'o Tsana has a very pretty voice and the Reggaeton beat compliments her vocals. Eto'o Tsana is inspired by Abeti Maskini & Rita Moreno. These two music artist is what gave Eto'o Tsana the passion she has for music and for her culture. She hopes to leave a memorable & prideful legacy of her great music. With such a strong music track; I am sure Eto'o Tsana unique style will leave a mark on her culture. Eto'o Tsana is also creating her own organization to represent female afro-rooted artist in the dance / music industry. What a great way to inspire others! In her free time, she enjoys staying fit by hitting the gym & has the passion to teach adults how to dance. With such inspiring traits; Eto'o Tsana has the ability to stay up to date with the latest dances and knowledge to pass along to others that are trying to further themselves as an artist. I rate Eto'o Tsana’s new hit single titled “Boye” 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link to listen to the beautiful inspirational Eto'o Tsana now.


Name: Eto'o Tsana

Song: Boye

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: New York, New York