"My Zone"

     Ays London is now set to release a brand new single week’s after going number #1 with the smash hit “Love My City”. This accomplishment now puts him in the leading position for the 2018 #ArtistOfTheYear award with seven Number #1 single’s this year alone. This past Sunday a returning favorite from the “Trend City Radio Compilation V3” Mixtape made a splashing impact landing at number three was “Make Believe 2”Ays London has had multiple single’s voted in the #Top40 at a close number two & three position numerous of times this year. Though the majority of artist’s on Trend City Radio are extremely competitive now more than ever, Ays London still finds himself as one of the elite rising star’s here for the past four years. He still holds some of the most prestigious records on Trend City Radio. A grand total of 18 number #1 single’s, more than any other artist’s to date. Or how about being the only artist to ever accomplish the #4ShowSweep, and on six different occasions. not to mention the first ever Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear in 2017. Ays London goal is to be remembered as the very best to ever hit Trend City. He wants to inspire young upcoming artist’s from all across the world to follow his journey of success by hard work & dedication. This has helped him land great opportunities & feature in some of the top international blogs & on-line magazines. Ays London is now gearing up for his brand new album, introducing his first single titled “My Zone”. The official music video was just released shortly in the U.K. & has already accumulated over 36K views“My Zone” has also been selected to feature on the new upcoming “Trend City Radio Compilation V5” Mixtape. This track seems to be off to a wonderful start, creating a lot of noise in such a little time. In the music video Ays London gives a star studded performance while a beautiful lady dance to the rhythm of the song. You can also hear the growth in Ays London as an artist compared to his last project. I rate the “My Zone” single 5 outta 5 Flames! As of now Ays London is calling his own shots moving forward, as he now runs his own record label. Expect more great music & a brand new album in the near future. Click the YouTube link to watch the new official music video to “My Zone” now.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/ZUyygPD0ZyE

Location: London, U.K.