“Diamond Clear” Back on Top?

     As of today the returning hit single “Diamond Clear” by Cloak The Scribe have been one of the best performing single’s on Trend City Radio in year 2018. The single was voted number #1 into the Hall of Fame early February & have landed at number #2 multiple times in just the last few months. Cloak The Scribe have decided to push the single even more in hopes of reaching new heights & perhaps another Hall of Fame induction. The new long awaited “Who Shot Ya Free-style” that was announced earlier this year to be released soon has now been held back due to copyright issues. Instead Cloak The Scribe will now focus his attention on releasing new visuals for some of his top hit single’s. “Wake Up” & “Anthem 4 Life” are currently being worked on now, while “Diamond Clear” is scheduled to follow up. Im sure fans & supporters will be excited to here the great news, more details will soon be released. You can now currently tune into Trend City Radio every Thursday at 11am(pst) to Vote & hear “Diamond Clear” live on air. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! The production on this track is something special that many can’t ignore. The lyrics in the song tell more than just a story. Click the SoundCloud link below to listen to Cloak The Scribe hit single “Diamond Clear” now.


Name: Cloak The Scribe

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/cloakthescribe/diamond-clear-instrumental-by-cloud-9

Location: Chicago, Illinois