Justin $mith is a rapper coming from Luxemburg,WI. The first major artist to inspire Justin $mith was Eminem. He is also inspired by Lil Wayne & Drake; with big dreams to collaborate with his all time favorite rapper Eminem. He started writing music about 9 years ago and he truly has talent! His single called “Pain” is a very deep track. Justin expresses how his main focus is not to be sidelined by any females at the moment & to focus on his hustle, his mom & his 2 daughters. The hook really has a nice melody and the singer has a very peaceful tone which makes it easy to connect with the words. In this track Justin $mith opens up admitting he feels he wasn’t made to love and that he wasn’t a good husband in his past relationship. He also keeps it real by admitting he always put himself first. He states “My mom gave birth to a K9”. This would mean he is very vicious....Very hardcore, but yet he is remaining focused on the future and trying to be better person. There are some very deep lyrics throughout this track. You can tell Justin $mith has a story to tell and has been through a lot of pain. Music seems to be his outlet and also part of his main focus. No matter what he is doing, he makes sure he is spreading his music around the world by constantly promoting, writing or creating music. I rate this single 5 outta 5 flames. Click the link below to listen now.


Name: Justin $mith

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Luxemburg, WI