Broken Utensils

     Big-T-onda-Trax (Big Tee Onthe Track) is set to present his new hit single to the Trend City Radio audience titled “Broken Utensils”. A trap song banger!.. “Chef in the kitchen” talk at its finest. When asked what can the listeners expect from your music? Big-T-onda-Trax replied “Excitement, Passion, Positive and Motivational messages. Great Sound, originality, patients, emotion and from the Heart music that is turned into sound waves traveling right into your ears. The hit single “Broken Utensils” was all written, produced, recorded & engineered by Big-T-onda-Trax himself. Big-T-onda-Trax started off by saving money to purchase & invest in his own studio equipment. Shortly after developing a unique sound people got wind of it in the streets of Harvey, La. He then opened up the doors to his own studio to give other local artist an opportunity to record at a affordable price. He understands the struggles of being an independent artist which is why he takes the time needed to perfect his ultimate sound. I rate “Broken Utensils” 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the new hit single now.


Name: Big-T-onda-Trax (Big Tee Onthe Track)

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Harvey, La