Only One Star In My Life

The new single "Only One Star In My Life" is not only a hit, it is truly something special. You are immediately showered by good vibes when listening, presenting that classic Raggae sound that spiritually makes you feel at peace. Sung by the talented Raggs Gustaffe, written & produced by the amazing Rudolph Sonny Cole...The two make an excellent collaboration. Raggs Gustaffe voice is truly one of a kind. Rudolph Sonny Cole production is definitely the perfect blend. Both plan to further they're careers with one goal in mind, to become staple icons in the music industry. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington with hobbies that only aim toward furthering their music career. Inspired by artist such as Bob Marley & Neil Diamond. I rate this single "Only One Star In My Life" 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to this amazing song.



Name: Raggs Gustaffe


Rating: 5 Flames