"#RocTheMicContest" Winner

The hit single "Grinding" had took over Trend City Radio airwaves by storm during the #RocTheMicContest. Outshining 29 other top artist in a 3 round elimination to win the entire contest. Artist Misundvrstood is the very first female to ever win a Trend City Radio competition. As great of a talent she is, Her winning was no surprise. However, I do feel this single only shows a small percentage of her true potential. Misundvrstood has many freestyle videos going viral around the net that will just blow you away. Her lyrical word play is what separate her from most artist. Coming straight outta Seattle, Washington... with the main goal being taking over the music industry by force. Inspired by artist such as Bugatti Beez, Russ & Mc lyteMisundvrstood also plans to start her own movement titled "Find.Your.Lane" for people to go out there and find who they really are. So be on the look out! You can click below to listen to the hit single that won the #RocTheMicContest. "Grinding".



Name: Misundvrstood

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/misundvrstood/grinding-x-el-x-yung-yankee-prod-srwproductions

Location: Seattle, Washington