Harold Jamez has hit us with another smooth hit! The track LateNite is telling a story about how he has his eye on this one female and she's the only one he's worried about. I love the smooth beat to this track and Harold definitely bought his swag to the track explaining the destiny he and this fly new chick had on their ride to his place on a late nite. I love the singing on this track too, The singer has a nice strong voice and he brings a tasteful sound to the song. He is singing on the hook and he's singing about the type of female every man wants... A girl that keeps her body right, roll a swisher tight and can keep his kind right. The verse he sang is also quit nice. Loved his voice and the tone throughout the whole song. As always Harold Jamez bought his own unique style to the table and his story telling has me ready to hear more! 5 outta 5 flames.



Name: Harold Jamez


Rating: 5 Flames