Jacob Machine has a nice song called "Under Pressure" This song starts off with A very soulful beat! I love how this is a gospel rap song. This song talks about how he feels like a nobody and he is wondering if God even notices him.... The hook really takes you there! The guy singing has a beautiful  soulful voice with a nice tune. The hook is singing about how u can feel under pressure, which we have all felt before. This song states true facts because we all have wondered where God was when we needed him the most. I really get a old school feeling when I hear this song. Different instruments are being played and the piano that is played really stands out! It brings a real church feel to the song. Jacob is spitting some realness about how he is not the same person he use to be.  He's a future King coming to claim the Crown! He has a Very unique style. You can't go wrong listening to a positive song mixed with a little gospel! 4 outta 5 flames.




Name: Jacob Machine


Rating: 4 Flames


Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0keYDQY2roY