Brad Schecter has a great song called “Another Day" that starts off with drums being played. As the drums play, the guitar starts playing which gives this song a nice hard Rock N Roll sound! Another Day is a song explaining how no matter how you feel, the day still goes on and how sometimes it feels like there is never enough time in just one day. I like how this song has a lot of feeling behind the words. Brad shows lots of emotion in his voice and in the music video, you can see the emotion as he sings. I like how the video looks more like a live performance. Brad has a nice voice and he used high and low pitches in this song which shows versatility in his voice range. Rock n Roll songs have a lot of feeling behind it because of the great heavy medal instruments used. This is a great song to listen to on days where you feel like giving up. Brad will definitely remind you to keep going! 4 out of 5 flames!!!



Name: Brad Schecter


Rating: 4 Flames