Glue your love with bass is a song by MZ Sammy G & Michael J Foxx. This is a very unique track with a nice concept. The concept of this song is all about the love for music and how music is in their souls. MZ Sammy G tells the world that any where she is... There has to be music! Music is pumping through her blood and she can't live without it. She also has a nice voice and she rides the beat very nicely! I love how Michael J Foxx verse seems as though he is talking about a female, but he is indeed talking about the love he has for music. I love how he is saying the beat loves his voice. He pretty much killed his verse as he raps about why he loves music the way he does. The title of this song also complements the fact the BASS is really heard in this track. Especially in the hook. Great track to zone out to and clear your mind! 4 out of 5 flames


Name: MZ Sammy G & Michael J Foxx


Rating: 4 Flames