Swag on HD


If you love R&B Music with catchy Rap word play then this is the Mixtape for you. The "All Eyes on Us"  Mixtape by Swag on HD takes you on a roller coaster ride of R&B classics & banging Club music. Jumping right from the start with the hit single "Friends With Benefits" automatically glue you to the speakers. It's almost impossible to rate this under 1 genre, I enjoyed the flow & mixture of different feel type genres threw out the Mixtape. There's even a bit of Rock & Roll on the "Champagne Swag" Track which is a must hear. Fellas if you're expecting some female company soon then this is the playlist I recommend. Ladies if you miss that classic R&B feel then I also recommend this playlist. This street album most definitely deserve 4 out of 5 flames!


Link: https://goo.gl/dorsvq

Rating: 4 Flames


Favorite 3 Tracks:

- Love Drug

-  Friends wit Benefits 

- Secret