"In A Minute" Number #1? Brazil Hill

This week Brazil Hill decided to reintroduce the Trend City Radio audience to one of his many flat-out Bangers entitled "In a Minute". From beginning to end this song does not miss the musical mark. It has everything that the listener wants from production to lyrical substance. Brazil Hill gives you some real life emotional thoughts of their to their significant other across an up beat club track. From the beginning you are lulled in with a gentle, yet refreshing guitar riff that catches the listener by ear. With vocals that could be easily mistaken for T-Pain, the opening chorus is dropped in with a banging baseline, the drums are impecable. This would turn even the stockiest speakers into a competition grade system plus the replay value of this piece is very high. Brazil Hill displays esquisite mastery in the lyrical delivery with nothing but the real truth, spiced with a lot of swagger. "In a Minute" is one of those rare tracks from an independent artist that can compete with any mainstream song in it's class. This Hall of Fame single was successfully voted number #1 by the Trend City Radio audience in the month of January. Could their possibly be another Number #1 in the near future? This amazing track is one that all would love & would never get exhausted listening to. Trend City Radio rates this single “in a Minute” 5 out of 5 Flames! I truly believe this artist has the “it Factor” & as long as Brazil Hill continues to create music with this type of impact, the future will be very bright & a star will be made. Click the link below to listen to the full version of the hit single “in a Minute” now.

Artist: Brazil Hill

Song: In A Minute

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/0setvnn25TM

Location: Mobile, Al