“The Otherside" by Pexxa

Pexxa relased his latest single on trendcityradio.com this past week entitled "The Otherside". This is one of those West Coast BangersPexxa delivers a bevy of hard-hitting punchlines in his ominous representation of the rap kingpin lifestyle in which eloquently navigates through with such flair. He also presents each deliberate bar in such a fashion that is parallel only to the elitist emcees. I rate the hit single "The Otherside" 5 out of 5 Flames! This is very much so worthy art due to the fact that Pexxa gives you a dual sided perspective of each path option Light/Dark, Black/White as well as Yin/Yang, his delivery is matched with uncompromising skill. The official music video for the single “The Otherside” was released early 2018. Now close to over a year & 10,000 plus views, Pexxa still believes this could be one of his many breakout single’s. Inspired by artist such as Michael Jackson & Biggie Smalls. His dream is to one day tour worldwide & to inspire and move as many people as possible with his music. He continues to release the highest quality of music he possibly can while respecting the culture & art that is Hip-Hop. Click the link below to listen to Pexxa on Spotify or click the YouTube link to watch the official music video now.

Name: Pexxa

Song: The Otherside

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://open.spotify.com/album/5xD9NvuGIeiHydG4A1CQwk

Location: Los Angeles, California