Houston, Texas own “IRIE TIME” is set to make their debut on the Trend City Radio station. "Irie" (pronounced 'eye-ree') is a Jamaican patois word that means "feeling great", and “IRIE TIME” is a group of culturally-diverse musicians performing a cross-genre mix of Caribbean jazz and rock. Each band member all bring a unique style that creates a pleasant sound. With a decade under their belt, they have entertained crowds all over the world including Europe. With multiple successful albums over the past years “IRIE TIME” is well known for rocking the stage with all original material. Their latest single titled “Unknowable” was recently released on Trend City Radio & has been quite the standout track for it’s amazing sound. The instruments played in this up beat track gives it life. Throughout the song “IRIE TIME” talks about how this beautiful mysterious woman randomly pops up in his life. Everything about her is unknown, it’s said she holds the type of beauty that can make an angel cry. Giving the chance & opportunity to be with this woman, any man would be on board. The singing blended with the sound of the band creates an excellent track that’ll make any individual get up & vibe to it. I rate the “Unknowable” single 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link to listen to “IRIE TIME” new hit single now.



Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/irietime/unknowable-inherent-music-bmi

Location: Houston, Texas