What you won't do for love (Cover)

Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer is a very talented woman from Brookline, Ma debuting her new cover song to the classic “What You Won’t Do For Love” track. Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer has had several single’s on Trend City Radio before which all have made the #Top40Countdown. Peaking in the #Top5 position multipletimes but still have yet to receive a number one. Could this new cover be the single to take the crown? “What You Won’t Do For Love” is one of those classic song’s you grew up listening to that you could never forget. The old school vibe on this track reminds you of legendary singers such as Anita Baker, Teena Marie and Jennifer Holiday, who have all been an inspiration to Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer. The vocal quality in this track is very professional & you can feel the emotion in one’s voice, she’s definitely a natural! I rate the cover “What You Won’t Do For Love” 5 outta 5 Flames! While Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer continues to create music, she is also working on building her trademark brand called “Tzedeck” which means “Social Justice” in Hebrew. This trademark will provide inspirational motivation products designed by Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer. Although Hadassah is a soulful creator, she also enjoys collaborating with cool hiphop artist as well. Her creativity speaks volumes and the dynamic tune definitely compliments the live band playing on this track! Be sure to visit the website www.tzedeck.com for more great music & other information about Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer.

Name: Hadassah Chavivah Zeltzer

Song: “What you won't do for love” (Cover)

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://www.tzedeck.com/

Location: Brookline, Ma