My Own Song

The day of August 7, 2016 the hit single "My Own Song" charted number #1 on Trend City Radio. Now almost close to a year of its "Hall of Fame" induction, artist Yung Links have decided to re-release the hit single. Last year some would consider it an all star year for the young native from Crewe, Va. Earning himself two "Hall of Fame" entries, hundreds of Trend City Radio contest votes, & not to mention the numerous of times he's had singles chart in the #Top10. This year shortly after entering the #HottestSongContest with the hit single "Hoping You Feeling it", he decided to return to Trend City Radio with another "Hall of Fame" single titled "Overtime". The single "Overtime" have recently been picking up momentum as the weeks go by, charting number #14 this past Sunday in the #Top25countdown. Aiming for that number #1 spot once again, could the re-release of "My Own Song" possibly do the trick? Time will tell...With all the accomplishments this single helped him obtain it may be considered a safe bet. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! Yung Links is known for his laid back stylish flow, but it's the production on this track that makes it such a stand-out. Click the link below to listen to the hit single "My Own Song" &(or) support by purchasing it on iTunes.


Name: Yung Links

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Crewe, Va