I Dare You

The new hit single "I Dare You" stormed through Trend City Radio, charting number #14 in the Top25countdown in its very first week. Rap artist JayDial has been picking up major steam on Trend City by dropping multiple top quality singles and a brand new mixtape titled "FREE JAY"Perhaps a number #1 record in the near future? "I Dare You" is just one of the 3 hits JayDial have in heavy rotation. However, once you take a listen to his new mixtape you will see that his hit-making is consistent. This past Sunday JayDial had 2 different singles chart the #Top25countdown, one in which made it to #4. A Hall of Fame induction could possibly be the ultimate outcome. What's amazing is how JayDial is currently serving in the Military but yet keeps creating music at such a fast pace. Inspired by artist such as Lil Wayne & Tupac...With dreams of becoming a well known artist, the Texas native is off to an amazing start. I rate the new hit single "I Dare You" 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen now.



Name: JayDial

Rating: 5 Flames 

Link: https://itun.es/us/hG1ljb?i=1227839735

Location: Texas