Power Ranger

Artist JayDial has introduced us to some of his best work lately. Debuting 2 Mixtapes on Trend City Radio last year. The first being "Pressure Makes Diamonds", & the second being "Risk Taker", which had a classic single titled "Grapevine" that took over our airwaves. The hit single made such an epic debut that it has remained in our daily rotation months after its successful run. Now JayDial has returned! Not only to introduce us to his new Mixtape self titled "FREE JAY", but also a new hit single titled "Power Ranger" featuring the talented RonJovi. An up-tempo trap banger that brings a whole new meaning to the term "Power Ranger". JayDial brings such a raw & authentic sound, his rap voice truly is one of a kind. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the new hit single "Power Ranger".


Name: JayDial

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/jaydail/power-ranger-feat-ronjovi

Location: Texas