All Out

The new hit single "All Out" has been introduced to the Trend City Radio audience this past Wednesday on our live show for the very first time. Written & performed by the talented rapper named Otter. The first thing noticeable about this track is the beat. The instrumental definitely make this single a stand-out. The lyrics on this track really gives it that club banger appeal, as well as the catchy melody displayed in the hook. Tho Otter has a talent for music, his biggest dream is to become a Data Scientist. However, his hobbies still include things such as rapping, snowboarding & scuba diving. Inspired by artist such as Tupac, Eminem, Kanye West, Pharrel, Timbaland & Lupe Fiasco...That is what gives him the motivation to also pursue music. Theirs no doubt after listening to "All Out" the single is deserving of 5 outta 5 Flames! Now does it have the potential to chart in Sunday's #Top20Countdown? Time will tell. You can listen to the new hit single "All Out" by clicking the link below.


Name: Otter

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Honoululu, HI