Throw Dat Shit

Formerly known as JayDial but now goes by “WoWo”, is now set to make his return on Trend City Radio. Shortly after several successful Mixtapes & going number #1 with the hit single “Antisocial” earlier this year, WoWo decided to take a break at the peak of his growing popularity on Trend City Radio. He has now officially returned with the new hit single “Throw Dat Shit” featuring talented artist LEXWoWo is known for having five star quality beat production on most of his single’s, this one will most certainly not disappoint. The beat will have you rocking your head back & forth within the first 15 seconds. This party track is an official club banger, one that guarantee’s to get people off they’re feet. The wordplay is hot throughout the entire song, and the chemistry between the two artist’s makes for an excellent collaboration. This song definitely could be considered as the new strip club anthem. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! WoWo dream is to one day perform at the NFL Dallas, Cowboys stadium. He will continue to drop top quality music until his dream one day meets reality. Click the link below to listen to the new hit single titled “Throw Dat Shit”.


Name: WoWo

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: Dallas, Texas