"I Betcha" the new hit single written & performed by the beautiful & multi-talented Tasha Karelle. A female artist from Harrisburg, PA...with a dream to inspire people with her music. One of her main hobbies is writing lyrics & listening to her favorite artist such as Drake & Future. She also holds a very athletic background, as playing basketball is also one of her many talents. "I Betcha" is a single about a women who has given all of her love & loyalty to the guy she thought was the one. Unfortunately that wasn't the case, as the lies & cheating caught up to him. Instead of getting even or continue to deal with his cheating ways, she decides to move on. While refocusing on herself she has been approached by a male who she considers to be more of an upgrade. Tasha Karelle goes into extreme detail about her new guy & all of his attributes. This isn't a bitter woman single by far, this is more of a "too bad, your loss" type single. Very catchy hook, dope lyrics, banging beat...Most definitely one of the hottest female rap artist I've heard on Trend City. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames. Click the link below to view the new Music Video. Don't forget to Like & Subscribe!



Name: Tasha Karelle


Rating: 5 Flames


Link: https://youtu.be/toSRX0p6ndw