Latenight Loudpack is an incredible single by artist Stu Cat. The single is about Stu Cat chilling with his posse meeting a few ladies on a night out in the town. Having a few drinks & off a Latenight LoudpackStu Cat only concern is enjoying his night with a beautiful female as she Twerk! 

Story driven, great lyrics, & an amazing beat!!!!!!!!!

The artist also switches his flow up throughout the song & converts to singing, In my opinion I think it adds a bit more flavor. Expressing himself freely in a none disrespectful manner, Stu Cat is telling the lady he's met, he wants her to Twerk. This single is really an everyday, all purpose, good vibe type of song. Definitely deserving a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames.




Name: Stu Cat


Rating: 5 Flames