The single "Love Hurts" by King Buzz The_DON is simply a great R&B  Heartbreaker Love Tale. The beat instantly catches your attention as the intro plays. King Buzz The_DON starts the track singing as he express his emotions about a recent relationship that went sour. An amazing R&B voice with dope lyrical content. As you listen to the heart felt lyrics, it seems as if King Buzz The_DON is expressing a personal experience he's recently been threw. The lyrics seem to come from a place of hurt, but the passionate singing comes from a place of love. There is also a featured female artist by the name of A.Rose who brings excellent energy towards the end of the song. If you love R&B Storytelling singles, then this is the perfect one for you. I rate this single 4 out of 5 flames. 




Name: King Buzz The_DON


Rating: 4 Flames