“Ride” another lap by Ays”

The 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear they call Ays London residing out of the U.K. haven’t been as dominant on the station as the previous years. This summer some of best indie artists from all across the world have signed up to Trend City Radio for their chance to be heard & compete for the top spot in the #Top40Countdown. With the radio station reaching new height’s of talent & attracting more listeners than ever before, it has been extremely more difficult for an artist to reach number #1 consistently. Bringing in a huge new audience of viewers from Africa, U.K., Ireland & the U.S., which can dictate the #Top40countdown an any giving moment by voting for the artist they wish to support. In spite of all this very tough competition from talented artists, Ays London is still doing well & holding his own. He managed to make another Number #1 smash hit just over 2 weeks ago. His international hit “Gold Scar” was voted Number #1 for the 4th time this year 2019 alone. You can now add that to his record holding list of great accomplishments as this has never been done before. This task wasn’t an easy one, Ays London had a two month absence from the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame. Attempting to push phenomenal hit track’s like “Fire & Water” & “Off The Record” to the top once again, who both became extremely close with #Top5 charting on multiple occasions but couldn’t get the job done. When these single’s didn’t meet Ays London expectations he then went back to pushing the iconic single “Gold Scar”, which have been delivering the goods all 2019. With his closest competitor out of the picture, the 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear might just turn it into three times. Winning this great title #ArtistOfTheYear for year’s 2017 & 2018 changed his life forever and helped his music career a great deal. This amazing international music award brought him lots of attention & fame from all sorts of people in the music and entertainment industry. He got a taste of it now and will do what’s necessary to defend his trophy & continue the path that builds his legacy.

Over the last 4 years Ays London has achieved & benefited more than any other artists that have had the opportunity to be heard on this platform. He was voted Number #1 & entered the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame on 23 different occasions, over 30 Number #2 smash hits and not to mention the numerous single’s he made in the #Top5 week in & week out. Last year in 2018 he a landed a single in the #Top5 throughout the entire year. He is the only artist ever to make 5 single’s in the #Top40Countdown. He achieved this twice & once he also made a #4ShowSweep on a particular week. He made the next to the impossible #4ShowSweep 12 different times so far. He won #ArtistOfTheYear for year’s 2017 & 2018 back to back and is leading the current race this year as well. He was picked to participate in the last 4 Trend City Radio Mixtape Compilation’s, which only the very best makes the cut. With the new upcoming Vol.7 Compilation set to be released soon, Ays London is hopeful he will be honoured one more time as one or more of his single’s will be selected to be featured. His latest released album “Money Over Fame 2018” that consist of 15 song’s & two short intro’s, managed to make 8 number one’s, making it an instant classic. These are just a few of many records Ays London currently holds on Trend City Radio. He is still currently being featured in all sorts of top international blogs and famous on-line magazines which is great for him. Sometimes he is featured on a daily basis which helps promote his excellent brand of music all over the world on a regular. He enjoys all the attention he is getting and all the doors it has opened up for him. He is now a familiar face all over the world & appreciate everyone’s invite for a collaboration with him on a new song or to do business. He has achieved lots of great success at a very young age and is still very hungry to achieve even more & better things in the near future. A lifetime of hard work & dedication behind all of his achievements.

The hit single “Ride” is one that is very special to Ays London as it was his second 2x Hall of Fame single. It happened right after the classic “Make Believe” hit Number #1 just a few weeks before. It confirmed his status as a serious music talent whom music fans from all over the world should listen & take seriously. It has a unique music video which Ays London invested lots of his time and money into to create it at a very high standard. Its amazing visual along with Ays London’s on camera performance helped the single “Ride” do very well all over the world, particularly in the USA. Many of Ays London’s U.S. supporters started taking notice of him and following his music after “Ride” was released & shot up the #Top40 charts. It was voted number #1 twice with only a few week’s apart. The music video did thousands of views worldwide & was often complimented on it’s recording in high definition with a wide view. The international Number #1 hit “Ride” was definitely a game changer for Ays London’s music career. This is why I rate this single 5 out of 5 Flames! Many fans have been requesting him to let it make it’s return, they all love and enjoy a lot of his tunes from the early part of his career. He recently decided to give his loving fans what they want from him, He loves all his supporters particularly from the USA. Could the smash hit single “Ride” climb back up the charts to number #1 for the third time in history? Time will tell... Ays London certainly believe so. Look forward to hearing new material soon as he is finally finished recording and producing his long anticipated brand new album, along with a few new visuals as well. However with Major Labels now in-contact & offering lucrative recording deals, it is in his best interest to hold off until he knows which direction he’s going to take. An official announcement will be made to all his loving fans in the near future. In the meantime click the link to watch the official music video to the hit single “Ride” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Ride

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://youtu.be/LHZm932LfpI

Location: London, U.K.