Ays “Gold Scar” Number #1? The Return

When you think of albums like Jay Z’s “Blueprint” or Meek Mill’s first “Dream Chaser” Mixtape, you think classic. These projects become legendary to the millions of listeners from around the world. Though the audience moves forward with their life they never tend to forget as they go back & replay those classic songs from off those historic projects that they have come to love over the years. In Ays London’s case, his latest album self titled “Money Over Fame 2018” just might be the one some would consider classic. Since it’s release on Trend City Radio, this album has been nothing short of dominant. Practically every single on the album that made its run charting the #Top40countdown peeked at no less than the #Top3. The album consist of numerous number #1 smash hits such as “Destiny”“My Zone” & “Gold Scar” just to name a few. It’s timeless single’s like these that helped Ays London capture a record holding 21 number one single’s in the #Top40. Over 25 single’s of his were voted number #2, not to mention the countless of tunes that made the #Top5. Last year he made a single in the #Top5 for the entire year of 2018. This year has also been an phenomenal one thus far for the U.K. artist they call Ays London. Making history just this past Friday by being the first artist to ever make two #4ShowSweeps back to back. Shortly after just doin the same a few weeks ago. However, this go around he did it in style as he charted 5 different single’s in the Trend City #Top40countdownAys London is the first & only artist to ever chart 5 single’s in the #Top40, this is now his second historic occasion. He consistently continues to break his own records & achievements since his 4 year run here on Trend City Radio. That is why he is the current #ArtistOfTheYear for two years in a row, 2017 and 2018. He made the last four Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape’s, in which only the best of the best makes the cut. No one even comes close to the accomplishments & records Ays London holds. When they say “It’s Levels to this”, trust me, it is. Since all of his recent success his popularity have grown largely. Ays London is now being mentioned in top international blogs and internet magazines at an extreme high rate & even some week’s on a daily basis. He is now currently focused on winning the Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear award for the third straight year in his career to help further establish his very own unique brand of music & making him famously known all over the world.

“Gold Scar” has been one of Ays London’s many single’s that have out performed great tunes from other artists across the world. This past Friday it ranked at #2 after making it’s return just a few week’s ago on Trend City Radio. This returning single is also an 2x Hall of Fame tune & the listeners are very familiar with this smash hit. Voted number #1 twice in early 2019 in the month’s of January & February. Is it possible “Gold Scar” can make the Hall of Fame for the third time in history? Ays London feels it’s just a matter of time. Not only because of the creativity & wordplay on the track but also because of the professional animated visual. This is by far one of the best lyrical compositions that Ays London has ever wrote. While listening, your ears are being gifted with metaphorical greatness, it’s as if his Pen-game was on steroids. It will definitely require a second or third listen just to comprehend the message as a whole. As for this particular music video, Ays London decided to get a lot more creative. He decided to go with a very unique professional animated visual. This official music video does an incredible job at highlighting all his metaphors & punchlines. Ays London continues to seek out new ways of creating music & producing brand new visuals for his audience. This is just another example of the musical genius within him. I rate the “Gold Scar” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Ays London plans to release more new visuals from off his brand new upcoming album soon, which will be announced at a later date. He’s promising better quality & master production than ever before. In the meantime you can listen to “Gold Scar” & the entire “Money Over Fame 2018” album exclusively on Trend City Radio. Currently streaming live every Thursday at 2pm(pst) for the next few week’s. Ays London plans on continuing his path of dominance on Trend City Radio. He wants to inspire new upcoming artists to work extremely hard like he did to achieve success and make a name for themselves. Click the link to watch the official music video to the hit single “Gold Scar” to get a glimpse of what Ays London is all about.

Artist: Ays London

Song: “Gold Scar”

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJoPB-Ofp6s

Location: London, U.K.