“Fire & Water” #1 The Return”

Up & down, good & bad, yin & yang, and now “Fire & Water”. That is the title to one of Ays London’s relatively early single’s which played a huge part in his early success here in the USA. The first time Ays London hit the Trend City Radio airwaves a few years back the listeners took quite a while warming up to his unique style. Releasing top international smash hits such as “Make Believe” & “Ride” took several months for the audience to catch it’s wave. Ays London presents a completely different level of real British HipHop and Rap music never heard before. Shortly after achieving his first number #1 he later dropped the classic hit “Fire & Water”. Taking a chance on how to correctly brand himself in the U.S., the single turned out to be an epic game changer. Rising his music career to new historic heights. Receiving tens of thousands of views on the official music video through several YouTube links. It’s video was done to a very high standard of professionalism which helped to achieve it’s great success. Ays London himself created the plot, props & ideas for the music video as detailed in his real life experiences. He wrote this epic street fight story during very difficult times of his own personal life. All the events he described in the lyrics happened to him & are apart of his past. Ays London lyrics are all about real events and incidents in which he lived. He uses writing lyrics as a therapeutic activity, it allows him to release lots of emotions & negative feelings out his system. He also feels it’s the music that saved his life as it kept him away from making even bigger mistakes & life threatening decisions. Ays London looks at it all as a lesson learned & writing ammunition for the Mic. “Fire & Water” has now become an 2x Hall of Fame single. Will there be a third in the near future? Time certainly will tell. With the catchy hook, compelling storytelling and hard felt lyrics, I wouldn’t bet against it. I rate this classic smash hit single 5 out of 5 Flames!

The multi award winning British artist they call Ays London just had another historic week by having 4 single’s chart in Top40Countdown. While also having his international smash hit “Gold Scar” voted number #1 for the third time this year. This now ties his other 3x Hall of Fame single “Off The Record”. As of now Ays London is the only artist to have two different single’s make number #1 on three separate occasions. Yet another prestigious record held & under his belt. This comes directly after he charted 5 different single’s in the #Top40 & accomplished two #4ShowSweeps Back to Back week’s. After his latest rise to the top Ays London has now accumulated 22 number #1 Hall of Fame hits, with nearly 30 number #2 spot’s, a total of 11 #4ShowSweeps & not to mention the countless single’s that made the #Top5 over the year’s. He is the current 2x Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear in which he won two years in a row 2017 & 2018. He is determined for a third & will do what’s necessary to make sure he remains on top. All of these accomplishments & awards has skyrocketed his career & gained him thousands of new fans all over the world. It also got him featured in hundreds of top international online magazines and digital blogs from across the map. Ays London’s consistency has been a major key to all the roots of his accomplishments.

Ays London latest album “Money Over Fame 2018” is still delivering the goods. This album has now produced number #1 smash hits. Along with every other single on the album peaking at no less than the #Top3. It’s incredible to think that Ays London had a single in the #Top5 for the entirety of last year. This latest classic “Money Over Fame 2018” album played a major role in all the recent success Ays London has enjoyed over the last few months. Many of Ays London fans have been requesting for him to return the album on air. It has now been streaming exclusively on the Trend City Radio Station for the last few week’s every Thursday at 2pm(pst). Most of Ays London’s U.S. fan base have yet to here his earlier tunes in his career, as most of his previous catalog was deleted from all social media platforms. Ays London made this decision as a tactic to get his audience to concentrate more on his newest material. However, after the great success of his latest album & the uproar in request of fans wanting to hear his older tunes. He decided to re-release some of his most popular tracks as a token of appreciation for all of their continuous support. With the older smash hits in rotation along with his latest tunes from the “Money Over Fame 2018” album, it makes for an excellent balance & pleases his entire fan base new & old. Ays London wishes to keep his fans entertained and satisfied with him until he is ready to unleash his brand new album some time this summer. He is also extremely proud to have made the last 4 Trend City Radio Station Mixtapes and Compilations. He is aware that the selection process for their brand new Mixtape will be taking place soon & looks forward to hopefully being one of the few who are selected. As you can see Ays London have accomplished quite a lot in his 15 year music career. He worked & collaborated with some of the best this business has to offer. All of his success his mainly due to his hard work & dedication day in & day out. To learn more about Ays London & his past click the link to watch the official music video to the 2x Hall of Fame single “Fire & Water” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Fire & Water

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-drRSruCgQ

Location: London, U.K.