"Money Over Fame" The Return by Ays

Ays London’s phenomenal 17 track album titled “Money Over Fame” was first introduced to us in the fourth quarter of 2018. After receiving the first ever Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear Award for 2017, Ays London made it abundantly clear that he was coming back to retain his title. By mid 2018 things were looking a bit uncertain as the competition had risen, thousands from across the world gave there shot at a chance succeed. Taking no chances, Ays London decided to hit the studio immediately. While doing so the determination gave him the creativity to make some of his best work yet. Introducing hit single’s like “Gold Scar”, this 2x Hall of Fame single took over Trend City Radio by storm. Making number one in the #Top40countdown twice with only a month apart. Some believe its very unique and professionally made creative animated video is what helped kanipualt it to it’s historic achievements. Also single’s like “Destiny” is what kept Ays London in the #Top5 throughout that entire year. He also managed 2-3 single’s in the #Top40Countdown every week. He was voted number #1 on 7 different occasions in year 2018 alone, which now gives him a grand total of 21 Number #1 smash hits in his 4 year run on Trend City RadioAys London is one of the very few artists who’ve had the honor in achieving a #4ShowSweep. However, Ays London now has 9 of these under his belt. This impressive run was nothing less than legendary. The album “Money Over Fame” played a huge part in all of these incredible accomplishments.

One of the major standout singles on this album is a song titled “Desire”. The very first time I listened to the album in it’s entirety, this single grabbed my attention the most. It’s jazzy SnapBack melody blended with excellent delivery from a seasoned veteran on the mic, is what the listener is greeted with. Along with a banging beat-style-play production that resembles riding music on a Saturday night with some of your best friends. “Desire” also left it’s mark on the #Top40countdown in it’s own right. Being voted number #1 & entering the Trend City Radio Hall of Fame in historic fashion. “Desire” is one of the few single’s from off this album that grasp that timeless feel to it. This is a single fans & listeners will continue to love & play as Ays London career moves forward. Another single that caught my attention from off the “Money Over Fame” album is one titled “Save Me”. The concept to this single is a bit of a twist-fall. Ays London expresses himself to the one he has deep feelings for. Due to his past experience with love in his life, he now has build this subconscious wall of security. Though he wants to be in love & enjoy all of the perks that comes along with, he can’t seem to fight off the urge that something devastating will interrupt. Continuously asking the one he wishes to make forever to save him from a place that he calls love. He also describes being in love as a form of sacrifice as he visions everyday of losing her. not knowing the journey, he still is determined to face his fears and play it out in a Do or Die aspect. The message on the “Save Me” track is quite cryptic & will leave listeners wondering & wanting more.

There’s no secret about Ays London & the talent he possesses. The “Money Over Fame” album helped contribute much more success his way. Landing him a 2x Back to Back #ArtistOfTheYear winner for year’s 2017 & 2018. These accomplishments further established his unique brand of music all over the world and particularly in the USA. Another standout single that comes to mind is a tune titled “See You Again”. The very moment I heard this single I was prepped for the turn up. This single is a bonafide party starter. The intro itself automatically snatches your attention as the kicks from the beat start to bleed through the speakers. The melody by Ays London on this particular single will have you singing along by mid-chorus, even if you are unaware of the wordplay. Next thing you know your dancing on your feet as you listen to this track that sounds nothing less than pure perfection. This is simply Ays London at his finest. The “See You Again” single can be played at any club or party, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get the people dancing & on there feet. This is just another one of the many classic single’s on the “Money Over Fame” album.

In spite of all the success Ays London continues to receive, he seems to always be focused on his next goal. The #2019ArtistOfTheYear award is officially up for grabs. Ays London recently fell behind to a new upcoming artist in the race. So he started picking up momentum & worked extremely hard to have his name back in the forefront. With all new talented competitors from across the world, it is now more harder to reach number #1 than ever before. However, Ays London refuse to quit! This past Friday his hard work & grind was rewarded once again when the number #1 smash hit “Off The Record” was voted number #1 once again. This time in the very first week of it’s re-release. “Off The Record” has now officially been voted number #1 on three different occasions. This single is now considered a timeless classic. Ays London is now fully focused on becoming Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear for 3 years in a row. He refuses to lose his crown. Recently he re-released numerous of single’s from older projects. The big majority of his new fans haven’t heard all of his 15 year music catalogue he recently deleted off all platforms. This is the main decision behind him releasing older tunes instead of the brand new ones he have created on his upcoming awaited new album. A release date & new visuals for this new album will be shared soon in the foreseeable future. Ays London is also looking forward to the new Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape & is hopeful to land a spot. He made the last 4 Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtapes & was honored to be apart of that history. Ays London consistently gets featured in more top international blogs & internet magazines than ever before. All due to the hard work & grind he put in his latest album “Money Over Fame”. This album alone produced 6 number #1 single’s in the #Top40countdown making it an instant classic, which is why I give it a rating of 5 out of 5 Flames! Not a bad start for an artist who is enjoying running his own business and making all the crucial & big decisions involving the future of his music career. Recently Ays London decided to make the album available for Free download as a token of appreciation to his true fans all over the world. This is his way in saying thank you to them for their continuing love and support. Click the link to download & (or) listen to this amazing album now.

Artist: Ays London

Album: Money Over Fame 2018

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.