“Make Believe” #1! The Return”

In the music industry there are many great artists all around the world who continues to share & create classic hits. As an artist advance their career when the years go by, there is always a classic single or album in which the fans will always love & can forever go back to. In the case of Ays London there is one tune in particular that will always capture the heart of his supporters. One of his earliest tunes titled “Make Believe” is what started all of his international success which followed him over the years. This single was his very first number #1 in the USA after featuring in Trend City Radio music competitions & taking over by storm. It’s now been over 4 years since he released the classic smash hit “Make Believe”. The tune grew so popular that Ays London had no choice but to create “Make Believe 2", which is also considered a heavy classic. Shortly after celebrating his #BackToBack wins for 2017 & 2018 #ArtistOfTheYear, he decided to re-release some of his greatest single’s in recent years as a token of appreciation to all his fans & supporters. Ays London was extremely happy that the returning Number 1 international smash hit “Make Believe” was well received by his adoring fans all over the world. Voted in the top 5 on Friday’s Trend City Radio #Top40countdown in the very first week of its return. He is expecting better things to come in the next upcoming weeks. Perhaps another number #1? Time will tell... “Make Believe” definitely has the potential to reach even bigger heights then it did in the past. The classic hook, combined with the great production & lyrics everyone can enjoy, makes an excellent blend. I rate the “Make Believe” single 5 out of 5 Flames! Ays London is seriously considering returning a few other top Number #1 international smash hits which his fans have been asking him to re-release on Trend City Radio once more. Be sure to keep an ear out for more material in the near future.

The new year 2019 has started in a similar fashion to last year 2018 for the young talent from London, U.K. name Ays London. His most recent smash hit “Gold Scar” was recently voted Number #1 for the second time. On the 4th of January & the 8th of February, Ays London entered the 2019 Trend City Radio “HALL OF FAME”. Being voted number #1 twice with the same hit single is far from easy. “Gold Scar” has now joined other great single’s by Ays London who were voted Number #1 twice such as “Ride”, “Fire & Water”, “Dream Girl” & “Off The Record”. Some say that it is the unique new animated video that pushed it over the top to reach number #1 yet again. Shortly after Ays London retained his title for #ArtistOfTheYear which he now won two years in a row, he is much more confident in his music skills and abilities. He is also getting featured in more digital blogs & top international on-line magazines at a phenomenal rate. Sometimes on a daily basis. This is obviously great international exposure for him and is strengthening his excellent and very unique brand of music. Things are going very good for him and his own label at the moment. All the very hard work and grinding he put in over the years are finally paying off big time now. Being rewarded for all of his dedication& hard work towards his music career for nearly 15 years. Since joining Trend City Radio Ays London now holds some of the most prestigious records. He now has 20 Number #1 smash hits, 7 #4ShowsSweep’s, 2 #ArtistOfTheYear Award’s #backtoback. He’s had multiple single’s featured in the last 4 Trend City Radio Compilation Mixtape’s. He’s had a single make the #Top5 every week for the entire last year of 2018 and continue to do so in fashion for the new year of 2019. He now has two Number #1’s in 2019 & it’s only February. Not to mention the numerous of single’s making Number #2 & Number #3 week in and week out. Ays London new album “Money Over Fame 2018” has helped him a great deal in all of his recent success. Since it’s release in the final quarter of 2018 it has made a huge impact on all current Trend City Radio weekly live show’s & #Top40 ranking. This new album helped Ays London to his last 6 number #1’sThe album was recently rated 5 out of 5 Flames! You can hear the new album on Trend City Radio as it is currently streaming live every Friday at 2pm(pst). Ays London is now receiving very lucrative offers from mega & huge international labels. He loves all his fans from all over the world a great deal & particularly in the USA. His success is fueled by their continuing love and support which helps him stay on top. Ays London focus is now on winning the #ArtistOfTheYear award for the third time in a row. With more top tier artists signing up he now understands it will be more competitive than ever before. He is up for the challenge & will continue to work hard until he accomplish his goal. Be sure to click the link to watch Ays London official music video to the hit classic “Make Believe” now.

Name: Ays London

Song: Make Believe

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/make-believe-1-by-artist-ays-london

Location: London, U.K.