"Ays London #ArtistOfTheYear for Years 2017 & 2018"

The year 2018 was by far the most competitive year on Trend City Radio for all artists who heavily competed on a weekly basis, as an attempt to reach number #1 in the #Top40Countdown. The artist who received the most number #1 single’s throughout the entire year would be granted #2018ArtistOfTheYear. Indie artists from all over the world signed up by the thousands for a chance to capture the Trend City #2018ArtistOfTheYear award, and to also have a year’s worth of bragging rights as the best to hit Trend City Radio. The first half of 2018 it was several artist who stood out the pack to champion their way to be known as one of the best. As the fourth quarter of 2018 came around, it was one artist in particular who visioned there eyes on the prize & decided to go all in. This artist goes by the name Ays London who was born & raised in London, U.K.. Ays London is also the same artist who just so happened to capture Trend City Radio’s very first #ArtistOfTheYear award in year 2017. After winning the award in 2017, Ays London developed a bigger audience for his fan base & more attention from major record labels, supporters, & listeners from all across the music industry. This fueled Ays London as he was determined to put in all the necessary long hours & late nights of hard work everyday to insure he reclaimed his throne in year 2018. Ays London is the one & only artist to ever win “back to back” #ArtistOfTheYear awards on Trend City Radio. He has definitely earned his stripes in the entertainment business & competed with the best of the best.

Shortly after winning the 2017 #ArtistOfTheYear award. Ays London fan base sky rocketed on a global scale. With now receiving support from both the U.S. & The U.K., he was on top of the world. Consistently being mentioned in the top international blogs & magazines across the music industry. Major record labels contacting him as an attempt to sign him to an exclusive record deal. Ays London enjoyed all of the extra attention & support he now had in his corner. He made a bold decision & decided not to resign with his former label, and instead decided to create his own record label & remain independent. He wanted a chance to finally take his career into his own hands. With over 14 years of experience in this business he wanted to be in the driver seat of his own career. His first act as the CEO he decided to delete his entire music catalog from all social media platforms & start from scratch. Upgraded his studio with all new equipment in order to develop a new & unique sound. This was a huge risk & some questioned his decision making, but it ended up being a huge payoff. Early 2018 Ays London was a bit behind in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll. With new top tier talent now competing on Trend City Radio it was extremely difficult at times for Ays London to keep a respectable holding in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll as he fell behind on several occasions. The determination in him would not allow him give up. Instead he hit the studio hard creating a new & improved sound for himself with amazing tracks that are now considered “instant hits”. He started off by dropping professional visuals to hit single’s such as “My Zone” & “Mysterious Girl”. He then started dropping more single’s & announced an upcoming brand new album titled “Money Over Fame 2018”. Once certain artist caught on to Ays London strategy, which was adding multiple single’s on each live show to increase his chances to enter the #Top40countdown, others quickly followed. He then turned it up a notch more by adding additional single’s but only in the “Daily Rotation” as a way to increase his chances even more. All of the new single’s that were added was all from off the upcoming album to give his fans a taste for what’s to come. As month by month went past, Ays London slowly caught up to his competition in the #ArtistOfTheYear Poll. The moment his top competitors gasped out of new material to present, Ays London was just getting started. Throughout the entire year of 2018, Ays London managed to keep an average of 3-4 singles in the #Top40Countdown on a weekly basis. This was an increase from the old average of 2-3 singles he would average in the previous years. He had an amazing 3 month stretch towards the end of the year when hits like “Mysterious Girl” ,”Desire” and “Broken” all made it to number #1Ays London was also the only artist to have a single chart in the #top5 throughout the entire year of 2018. Within that year he also had 7 different single’s chart number #1. Not to mention the dozens of different occasions he made single’s rank at the second & third positionYear 2018 was definitely the year of Ays London.

Ays London now sits in bracket far ahead from any other artist to ever hit Trend City RadioContinuing to break his own records as the months go by. Now winning #ArtistOfTheYear “Back to Back” for year 2017 & 2018. With a grand total of 20 Number 1 single’s. Which is by far so much ahead, no one even comes close. He has accomplished the next to impossible #4ShowSweep on 7 different occasions. You got to ask the question “Can anyone stop him?”. The first week of year 2019 & he already is leading the pack out the gate. Ays London has proven he is very strategic in how he likes to promote his music which brings in results. Ays London is extremely happy that he now has a huge international fan-base particularly from the U.S.. He keeps receiving messages of love & support from new fans all over the world. Expanding his fan-base in the U.S. was always the goal. He loves his U.S. fans a great deal for accepting his work of art and unique brand in music. After the great success Ays London achieved he decided to reward his international fan-base by releasing his long anticipated new album “Money Over Fame 2018” & making it available for free download. All of the response’s & positive feedback he has received has been overwhelming. Ays London can’t thank his fans enough for the support through his entire musical journey. Will Ays London be capable for a #3Peat when it comes to the #ArtistOfTheYear award in 2019? Time will tell... For the next 4 weeks Ays London has decided to stream the new album “Money Over Fame 2018” live on Trend City Radio every Friday at 2pm(pst). Ays London is currently working extremely hard on finishing another brand new album, which will be released in the near future. He will keep his fans updated with its progress and give them a release date in due course. Also be on the look out for new single’s & visuals in the near future as well. Congratulations to Ays London for winning #ArtistOfTheYear two years in a row (2017 & 2018).

Name: Ays London

2018 Artist of The Year!

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.