“Gold Scar” #1? by Ays”

Ays London has already started the new year of 2019 on a high note as he is still celebrating winning Trend City Radio’s huge international competition & awarded #ArtistOfTheYear back to back for the year’s 2017 and 2018. Picking up right we’re he left off, the first week of January Ays London’s latest hit single “Gold Scar” was voted number #1 in the #Top40Countdown. Making him the very first artists to be inducted in the new 2019 “HALL OF FAME”. This past Friday, Ays London completed the next to impossible #4ShowSweep by having one of his single’s voted favorably on all 4 live show’s. He & only one other artist have reached this accomplishment, but Ays London has now done this on seven separate occasions. He wants to send a clear message to all artists & competitors that he means business. He’s looking forward to retaining his #ArtistOfTheYear title for a third year in a row. Ays London knows many great artists will be gunning for his crown, he plans to be more ruthless in this new year of 2019. He is planning to work extremely hard to capture as many number #1 hits as possible. He wants to add to his 19 Number one smash hits he already captured since joining Trend City Radio over four years ago. Not to mention over 20 single’s that we’re ranked in the second & third position of the #Top40Countdown. Plus numerous of song’s in the #Top5 on a a regular basis. Ays London was the only artist to have a single make the #Top5 for the entire year of 2018. What an amazing accomplishment! He reclaimed his #ArtistOfTheYear title in style by making 7 of his 19 Number #1 smash hits last year alone. He is currently averaging 3-4 single’s weekly in the new year, him & his team consistently work around the clock to keep him amongst the best.

Since the release of Ays London latest album “Money Over Fame 2018” everything changed for the better. Improving his sound has paid off handsomely. He is extremely happy with the great response and feedback he is receiving from fans all over the world. Just recently one of the track’s titled “Super Star” was selected out of thousands of other single’s from many different artists to be apart of the new “Trend City Radio Compilation Vol.6” Mixtape. Before that, the hit single “My Zone” was chosen to be apart of “Trend City Radio Compilation Vol.5“. Ays London’s new album “Money Over Fame 2018” have featured in some of the top international blogs and digital magazines at a phenomenal rate, due to his great international success. British blogs are now aware of the new album & feature it three to four times weekly on their platform. Trend City Radio have now been streaming the new album exclusively for the last three week’s. You can listen to it live every Friday at 2pm(pst) for the next few week’s on Trend City RadioAys London also recently decided to make it available for download for a limited time as a thank you to his fans for all the love & support. Some are now considering the new album to be a classic! Five number one’s plus many more achievements Ays London have earned is because of this wonderful album. The one single everyone is glued to at the moment is a tune titled “Gold Scar”. This number one smash hit climbed up the charts the very moment it hit Trend City Radio. Metaphorically it is just on another level compared to many of the artists on the radio station. Punchline after punchline, bar after bar, every moment in listening to this song will keep you entertained. The professionally made animated music video that was recently released played a huge part in it’s success. Due to the continuous popularity of the animated music video Ays London now feels "Gold Scar” has the potential of reaching number #1 again in near future. Other Ays London tracks like “Make Believe”, “Ride", "Fire and Water", “Dream Girl” and “Off The Record”, all have reached the “Hall of Fame” twice. Can “Gold Scar” carry the same faith? Time will tell... I rate the “Gold Scar” single 5 out of 5 Flames! If you’re into lyrical wordplay then this is one I would certainly recommend. Ays London is now currently working on a brand new album but is in no rush. He is slowly perfecting his craft & will be set to give an release date on his new material in the near future. Click the link now to watch the Professional animated music video “Gold Scar”.

Name: Ays London

Song: Gold Scar

Rating: 5/5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/cJoPB-Ofp6s

Location: London, U.K.