"Mysterious Girl" #1?

     It’s been nearly two months since Ays London’s last number #1 hit single. The tune “Destiny” blazed up the Trend City Radio #Top40countdown until it made it's mark in the “Hall of Fame” July 1st, 2018. Now the young artist from London, U.K. feels a bit frustrated that he hasn’t landed another number #1 hit in recent week's. The hit single’s “My Zone” & “Mysterious Girl” both landed at number #2 then shortly dropped back down the #Top40 instead of hitting number #1. This disappointment has caused him to stop releasing new music until his current goal is met. Ays London continues to land a single in the top five but still can’t understand why he isn’t landing another number #1. He is now just a few tracks away from completing his album titled “Money Over Fame-2018” & it is set to be released in the near future. Ays London continues to be featured in international blogs & digital online magazines. He is currently receiving offers from top international labels & is in hope to sign with one soon, to help further his music career to superstardom. Ays London is working extremely hard to retain his title, the Trend City Radio #2017ArtistOfTheYear award. This is another reason he is pushing hard to make another Number #1 smash hit to add to his already 18 number #1’s since joining Trend City Radio four years ago. He still holds his pride in being the only artist to ever make a #4ShowSweep which has been done only by him on six different occasions. He has over 25 number #2 hit single’s accounted for, he’s had week’s with him landing three single’s in the #Top10 and a top single land in the #Top5 consistently for the past 4 years. Ays London is now asking his fans everywhere to stay with him & continue to support as he is promising better music & professional visuals in the near future. He recently dropped a visual to the hit single “Mysterious Girl” which has already calculated over 10K views since it’s release in the U.K. Ays London considers this visual as the very best music video he produced so far in his music career. He was able to perform in two languages on this single which shows his versatility on the mic. He often does this as a connection for him & his heritage and also to reach out to communities overseas. Could “Mysterious Girl” be the single to lead Ays London to another number #1 hit? I rate the single & official music video 5 outta 5 Flames! The production is perfectly matched with the melody & voice of Ays London. The music video is created with the latest technology & professional belly dancers. This is one I feel all will enjoy. Ays London recently deleted most of his old music from all digital platforms as he feels he only wants fans to have access to his best music. He decided to upgrade to all of the latest studio equipment inside his studio to produce a more quality & better sound. With now over 14 years of musical experience under his belt he is ready to take the world by storm. Click the link below to watch the official music video to Ays London’s new hit single “Mysterious Girl”.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Location: London, U.K.

Link: https://youtu.be/UUx_niMn4N0