“Ays’s Money Over Fame 2018”

The year 2018 have been absolutely monstrous for the young Artist from the U.K. they call Ays London. Starting the year off under new management & now running his own record label seem to be a difficult transition but a must in order to further his career. His first decision was to erase his entire music catalog from all social media platforms. Fans & supporters first felt confused as to why he would make such a bold decision after accomplishing so much with these particular tunes. Ays London wanted to offer more to his fans, and that he did. Introducing a whole new upgraded Ays London with more swaggar & persona. Released all new music & visuals with top editing & production, laced with some of the best melody’s & metaphors one can hear. As of now, Ays London has captured seven number one’s this year alone on Trend City Radio. That puts him at a grand total of 18 number one single’s. He is still the current record holder & no one even comes close. He continue’s to average two to three single’s weekly in the All Star #Top40Countdown. Just a few weeks ago Ays London had four different single’s charted in the #Top40 at once. Now with a total of 6 #4ShowSweep’s. His record holding statistics truly go unmatched compared to others. Ays London & his new label consistently work 24/7 to keep him at the top. This type of work ethic is what helped him win the first ever Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear Award in 2017. He is currently the leading candidate for this year as well. Dropping high quality visuals to some of his top single’s such as “My Zone”“Mysterious Girl” & “Gold Scar”, we’re all beneficial. A lot of Ays London latest work have been featuring in numerous of international online blogs & magazines. With all the recent success, Ays London has finally decided to release his brand new album titled “Money Over Fame 2018”. The new album consists of 17 brand new tunes including two short intro’s to prepare you for what’s in store. All 17 track’s have been playing exclusively on Trend City Radio for the last few weeks. Four tracks from off the new album have already been voted number #1 in the #Top40 throughout this year. The hit single “Broken” just landed number #1 last week, while the hit single “Gold Scar” was voted in the #Top3 this past Sunday.

In my opinion one of the best track’s on the album is a song titled “Taxi”. The production on this track draws you in instantly. The uptempo beat is definitely a head-knocker, you will catch yourself as your body bounce’s to the rhythm of the beat. Ays London aim was more towards melody over lyrics on this particular single. It’s not necessarily what he’s saying, but more of how he’s saying it. If there is ever an example on how to ride a beat to perfection, this is it! Ays London uses a few rememberable punchlines on this track. If your into drug talk, sexy women & racks of cash, this might be the one for you. It was just recently voted number #2 in the #Top40Countdown. The melody & the production will have you playing “Taxi” on repeat. Another track that caught my attention is one titled “Broken”. This track is a very unique one in it’s own way. Ays London created this character called Demon to introduce most of his new song’s on this album. On the “Broken” track both Demon & Ays London share a conversation & reveal some deep inner thoughts to one another. Demon goes on about how he cry’s himself to sleep every night & even asked to be saved. This is a very light & dark tune. This show’s the creative side & growth of one Ays London.

One tune that I cannot forget to mention is “Gold Scar”. This is by far one of the best lyrical compositions that Ays London has ever wrote. His wordplay is so complex that you will need a second or third listen just to keep up. There's a metaphorical delight in every bar, including the hook. Ays London's pen-game seems as if it was on steroid. “Gold Scar” also has a very unique official music video. Ays London decided to change things up and go with a professional animated visual. This is the very first time he’s done this in his nearly 14 years music career. This animated music video does an incredible job at highlighting all his metaphors & punchlines. Ays London is always trying to find new ways of creating music and producing brand new visuals for his audience. The whole brand new album “Money Over Fame 2018” takes you on a journey into Ays London’s life, emotion’s and feeling’s. He’s said to only write lyrics after going through a particular experience. He wants his music to come from his heart & soul and to also touch the heart & soul of his fans. The new album “Money Over Fame 2018” will do  just that. I rate Ays London new album 5 outta 5 Flames! He gives you 17 tracks of absolute fire. He is currently working on creating another brand new album which will be officially released during the Christmas & new years holiday period. In the meantime “Money Over Fame 2018” is now available for free download for a limited time. This is another way of Ays London rewarding all of his fans for their continuing love‎ & support. Click the link to download & (or) listen now.

Name: Ays London

Album: Money Over Fame

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.