“Is it Money Over Fame?!” By Ays.

This past Sunday was historical for the artist they call Ays London. This is the first time ever on Trend City Radio we had an artist chart five different single’s in the #Top40Countdown. For the past 12 weeks he’s had three or more single’s voted on, and they've landed in the top five positions (on an average scale) throughout the entire year of 2018. Ays London & his label have a record hold of 18 number one smash hits & is planning to capture more in the near future. However, they’re focus is not only on achieving number one’s, but also in overall performance, as well as making more hits that place in the #Top40 then any other artist week in and week out. 

With the newly released album “Money Over Fame 2018”, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. It has surely made an enormous impact on all Trend City Radio live shows & weekly rankings. Adding multiple top single’s in daily rotation has been very beneficial for Ays London & his brand. Shortly after being voted the first ever Trend City Radio #ArtistOfTheYear in 2017, business began to pick up. Ays London recieved a lot of attention from top professional’s in the entertainment business globally. He started getting featured in more of the upper echelon on-line digital magazines & blog sites at an astounding rate. A a result, expanding his audience globally as well. Companies & record labels from the U.S. to his hometown of London, U.K. all want to work with him. After tasting great success and being one of the top new artists in the world, Ays London decided that he will do whatever it takes to retain his #ArtistOfTheYear title for 2018. With only 3 weeks left & three number one smash hits ahead of his closest competitor, he is now considered the heavy favorite. He is currently working hard on finishing his second brand new album.  The project is expected to be released late fourth quarter 2018. Ays London said, "The lyrics in which I write are not songs, but experience’s". To get to know more about Ays London & the life he lives, all one would need to do is listen to his latest album release “Money Over Fame 2018”.

It’s no secret that Ays London recently deleted nearly 14 years of his music catalog from off all social media to reintroduce himself with a new sound & much better quality music. Since his recent decision to go back independent & run his own record label, things have changed but all for the better. With all new upgraded studio equipment & grade A production, Ays London’s new sound is what the world’s been waiting for. All of his 2018 single releases have over-exceeded expectations & received phenomenal feedback. One of my favorite single’s on the “Money Over Fame 2018” album is a tune titled “Super Star”. The very moment I heard it, I knew it was a instant hit. This type of pop/Hip-Hop production on this track is what the ladies love to hear. The background harmony in the intro laced by Ays London was perfectly done to grab listeners attention on notice. Melody driven lyrics said in a mellow tone is what was needed to create this smash hit. On the single “Super Star”, Ays London describes himself in a foreign car on a date with a beautiful woman. He then shares a conversation with her as an attempt to sweep her off her feet. Convincing her that they belong together & they future would be bright if they continue to see each other. This is a tune I feel is universal & is one everyone around the world can enjoy.

“Money Over Fame 2018” may be the title of the album, but it was the hit single “Money Over Fame” that inspired the album to begin with. Yet again another catchy intro with an Ays London harmony in the background. You also hear the character they call Demon to introduce the song. He tends to pop in & out throughout the entire album, sharing suicidal thoughts & more to Ays London. On the “Money Over Fame” single Ays London expresses how he’s been through some real deep & dark situations. Due to those dark experiences he now understands that he is build differently from the average individual. Everyone around the world is awaiting there 15 seconds of fame, Ays London repeatedly explains he’s choosing “Money Over Fame”. Money motivated until the day he die. He then spots this incredible looking chick & describes her as perfect as the Mona Lisa frame. She’s turned on by his jewelry as they share a conversation. Ays London then wonders to himself is her love strong enough to make him forget all pain he went through in the past. Another one of my favorite tracks on the “Money Over Fame 2018” album is a tune titled “Emotion”. This track features one of Ays London’s best collaborate’s “Sho”. Whenever these two get together best believe it’s a guaranteed smash hit. Both go in detail of how they’ve once had their heart broken by a female they once use to love. They voices both compliment each other’s so well. They’ve completely mastered how to capture a melody & ride it all the way to a number one hit. Ays London has some of the best production an artist can buy on this new album. The different styles blended with multiple genres made for an excellent overall body of work. I rate the “Money Over Fame 2018” album 5 out of 5 Flames! This is definitely one of the top indie albums I’ve heard all year. It’s a reason Ays London has landed 18 number one smash hits, over 25 number two smash hits, & Not to mention his numerous singles which made the #Top5 on a regular basis. He also is one of the only two artists to accomplish the next to the impossible #4ShowSweep, which he did on 6 separate occasions. He is the real deal! Due to huge public demand Ays London decided to carry on making the new album available for free download. This is another way Ays London and his label thank their fans all over the world for all their continuing love & support. Click the link to download & (or) listen now.

Name: Ays London

Album: Money Over Fame 2018

Rating: 5/5 Flames!

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-latest-songs

Location: London, U.K.