“Ays London” 2017 Artist Of The Year

     The year 2017 was an absolute blow out year for Trend City Radio as thousands of talented New Artist was played through the airwaves. Not to mention all of the special visuals & music videos that was highly promoted throughout the year. Who can forget all of the great albums & classic mixtapes from New Artist that were streamed live on radio as well. In all categories there seem to be one artist in particular that stands out. It just so happens that this particular artist is also Trend City Radio’s first ever #ArtistOfTheYear with a leading total of 7 number #1 hits in the year 2017. This artist goes by the name “Ays London”. Him & the help of his independent label “On The Edge Musik Productions” showed nothing but pure dominance when it came to charting in Sunday’s New Artist Allstar #Top40 Countdown. The first ever to use the strategy of having two single’s on each live show to maximize their chances at remaining on top seems to have succeeded. Averaging two to three single’s in the #Top40 all year long. Ays London is the only artist to ever be voted “Top Artist’s” on all 4 live show’s in one week (#4ShowSweep). He’s done this prestigious accomplishment on multiple occasions. He’s had over a dozen single’s chart at the number #2 position in the year 2017 alone. He’s also been making the #Top5 consistently on a regular basis for the past 2 years. To this day Ays London nor his label have took a week off from this grind that helps them remain on top. He is extremely honored to be named #ArtistOfTheYear & bringing the trophy back to his hometown in the U.K.Ays London now sits at a grand total of 18 number #1’s on Trend City Radio. He plans on adding more & continuing his dominance in the year 2018. Him & “On The Edge Musik Productions” are currently in the studio working on a new album which will soon be released in 2018 at a later date. Click the link below to hear one of Ays London’s classic number #1 hit's in year 2017 titled “Ride”. Will Ays London continue the path of success? Or will someone new dethrone him as the new #ArtistOfTheYear in 2018? Time will tell...


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/ride-vlatest

Location: London, U.K.