The Journey To The Top

    The brand new release of Ays London's new album "The Journey To The Top" is off to an amazing start here on Trend City Radio. After its first official stream on our airwaves, the hit single "Dream Girl" sky rocketed to number #1 in the #Top25countdown. He also gained a total of four charted singles in that historic week, completing the #4ShowSweep for the fourth time in his young music career. This prestige accomplishment still has yet to be done by any other artist, Ays London seems to be in a category of his own when it comes to all the accomplishments & records he still currently holds on Trend City Radio. Earning himself a grand total of nine "Hall of Fame" inductions, five in which he gained this year alone. Making him the top running candidate for #ArtistOfTheYear, his consistency has yet to be matched. Ays London & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" continue to work hard & grind daily to maintain high standards of success. The album "The Journey To The Top" is a 45 track list filled with real life emotions of a young man experiencing ups & downs throughout the journey of his life. Love, pain & rags to riches all combined in one's "Journey To The Top".

    Many tracks on the new "The Journey To The Top" album caught my attention, but one in particular is titled "F.Away". This single is about Ays London & the love of his life, his girlfriend. They seem to have met each other when he was on a much darker path that would've ended in money, violence & self destruction. His girlfriend was the one who helped guide him & change his life in a more positive light. For some odd reason she decides to leave & in return it causes Ays London to stumble back to his old ways. As time goes by & realizes she's no longer coming back & he decides that the much darker path is the life for him. He vows to continue on this path until she returns or is replaced by someone who can match her beauty & energy. The hook on this track is very catchy & the storyline behind the song will have you glued to the end. 

    Another single that strongly caught my attention on "The Journey To The Top" album is titled "Only One Night". I recommend this single to be played in order to set the mood for all your sexual pleasures. This track comes off as more R&B flavored & the production on this banger is so ear catching. The versus throughout the track are smoothly done & the singing blends in for an excellent collaboration. One for the ladies. This is another example of Ays London's range, as he is capable of creating music in many ways. You can tune in to Trend City Radio this Thursday at 4pm(pst) to hear the new album "The Journey To The Top". It features all eight of Ays London's "Hall of Fame" singles along with a few re-released tracks that never been heard before by his U.S. fans. After the success of his two previous albums "Ays London Greatest Hits" & "The Ultimate Collection", a third album was a no brainer. Definitely something worth checking out & most definitely deserve a rating of 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the full album now.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: U.K., London