Rain drops (Music Video)

U.K.'s own Ays London & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" just released the official music video to the hit single "Rain drops" for all his U.S. fans. A very different & unique style music video, much more of a one on one setting. From the start of the music video you will go face to face with Ays London as he shares some of the most tragic situations that people go through in every day life. He also shares a few of his personal experiences on his path to darkness, saved by the stage & the mic as it was his only outlet to vent & let out frustration. "A pen to a page as he writes down his thoughts". I feel the honesty about his personal battles with himself will win him over with any audience. You can almost feel the passion in every line while watching the official music video. "Rain drops" is now currently in rotation on our Friday live show. This past week Ays London was voted top artist on three different live shows which resulted to him having three different singles in our #Top25countdown. Two weeks after his historic eighth number #1 on Trend City Radio, the momentum is still high. Currently still the favorite to win #ArtistOfTheYear with two "Hall of Fame" inductions ahead of his closest competitor. The only artist to date to do a four show sweep, & he did it on three different occasions. The "Rain drops" single comes from off the classic "Greatest Hits" album that was streamed live on Trend City Radio a few months back. I rate the "Rain drops" music video 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to watch, like &(or) share. Also tune in this Thursday at 4pm(pst) to hear Ays London's "Ultimate Collection" album live on Trend City Radio.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://youtu.be/4Od7BUV7Pog

Location:  U.K., London