"the ultimate collection" in Depth

 Due to huge public demand Ays London & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" has decided to stream "The Ultimate Collection" album on Trend City Radio once again. After receiving great responses during its first stream from his loyal fans all across the world, it wasn't a hard decision to make for the young artist from the U.K.. with the support of the fans help he gained three singles in our Top20 countdown this past Sunday. All three singles in which are songs from off "The Ultimate Collection" album. This album has so much Trend City Radio history in itself with six number #1 singles & seven "Hall of Fame" inductions. "The Ultimate Collection" album is now being streamed every Thursday at 4pm(pst). Tune in to catch an ear for all the "Hall of Fame" singles plus many more.


   One single that caught my attention that I seem to have missed in the previous streams was "Need of Time". This tune has such a catchy hook, sung by featured artist Prof.Hit. On this track Ays London questions who's his real enemy. As time goes past in his life his friends start to change, which made him question which is the enemy out of the two "Time or Friends". He also goes into deep detail with conversations he's had with devil. He then gives slight details on arguments he had with his mother about the corrupted way he would make his money. You can tell Ays London was in a very dark place at the time while questioning those who surround him. He somehow makes it out of this dark state of thinking by hearing angels from the sky. One of the more interesting songs if you want to discover some the darker days in Ays London life.


   "Starry Eyed" is another single that caught my attention. Featuring the talented Prof.Hit once again, It's obvious him & Ays London make such an excellent collaboration. The sample on the production throughout the hook is a quick attention grabber. Ays London is the first on the mic & confronts the deep emotions he feels for the brother he has lost(R.I.P.). With life getting much more difficult he starts to question the path he decided to take. Now that his mother is extremely concerned he really considers changing. He then understands for the life that he wants he must do what is necessary by any means. This single has officially been re-released by Ays London's label "On The Edge Musik Productions" & is set to make its premiere on our Thursday Live Show. After its previous trending run in London on its first release, the expectations are very high for this single. "Starry Eyed" & "Need of Time" are just a few examples of the heat that's coming off the album. I rate "The Ultimate Collection" album 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen & enjoy the entire album.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/the-ultimate-collection-by-ays/s-NuN0n

Location:  U.K., London