Starry Eyed Remix

The seven time "Hall of Famer" Ays London is coming off another dominant week on Trend City Radio. This past Sunday he was able to chart number #18 & #2 in our very competitive international countdown. He's the only artist to ever have 2 or more singles consistently chart the countdown week after week for months in a row. Tho he's on a current historic run, its been almost two months since Ays London's last number #1 hit record. Now him & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" have decided to re-release a former single in which was trending via twitter in the U.K.. This knockout heavy hit of a single titled "Starry Eyed Remix" was one of the many reasons his label took notice & signed him to a record deal. Could this be the single to spark another number #1 hit? "Starry Eyed Remix" was a huge hit, but here on Trend City Radio it will have to make its own history. Now with the re-release of the official music video, another "Hall of Fame" induction could possibly be just a matter of time. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! "Starry Eyed Remix" is also another single from off the classic "The Ultimate Collection" album which is currently streaming every Thursday at 4pm(pst). The classic album helped Ays London chart many number #1 hits. He has many more songs set to be released in the near future. Songs such as "Need of Time" that is now set to debut on our Tuesday Live Show. We've also been told that "Starry Eyed 2" is scheduled to be released as a single very soon as well. I am excited to see all the growth & potential Ays London has put in his craft. You can watch the official music video to "Starry Eyed Remix" by clicking the link below.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames


Location:  U.K., London