The Ultimate Collection

          Just last week Ays London & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" released a new album titled "The Ultimate Collection". A 28 track banger that features all six of his Hall of Fame singles along with many more. Ays London decided to create this album after the success of the previous album "The Greatest Hits Collection". However, the new album highlights more of his latest material. Tracks such as "Off The Record" & "Let Me Know", which helped him gain back to back #1's. The only artist to do it since the Sunday's countdown expansion. The special 2x Hall of Fame hit single "Ride" is also apart of the new collection. "Ride" currently has close to 50,000 views on its official music video & has played a huge part in Ays London success. Other hits that have blazed the Trend City Airwaves like the classic "Make Believe", & who can forget the epic "Fire&Water" single. You can here all of these amazing singles plus more on "The Ultimate Collection".


      The single titled "Worth it" is one off this album that really caught my attention. It is based upon the success that Ays London now has & is questioning himself "was it all worth it?". The very moment he starts to feel depression or stress, he takes a look at his surroundings & the things he now have which gives him comfort. The things every male dream of such as fancy cars, Jewelry & beautiful woman. Once he realizes that going in a different direction would've created a different outcome, he convinces himself that is was all "Worth it". Another single that caught my attention is "Starry Eyed Remix". Once was considered a big time record in the U.K. in its early release. Now that it has reached the states here in the U.S., I see big things for this single. Potentially another number #1? Not yet released as an official single but definitely one I would encourage to be. This is just 2 of the many hits I enjoyed on the new Ays London "The Ultimate Collection" album.


      This past Sunday Ays London had 3 different singles chart in our #Top25countdown. One in which was voted the #2 song of the week "Castle Walls". A huge accomplishment after only it's second week of being re-released. Ays London continues to take over the Trend City countdown even after the expansion. Having 3 to 4 singles being charted on a weekly basis is nothing short of amazing. Most artist find it difficult to manage 1 single charting with consistency. Ays London has reached the top of the mountain on Trend City Radio with 7 number ones. The most by any other artist to ever hit this station. The great thing is he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. Ays London continues to present us with top hit potential music every time. I rate "The Ultimate Collection" 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to listen to the new album & (or) click the link above to watch "Ride" official music video.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames 


Location: U.K., London