Just this past Sunday Ays London was able to chart #2 in the highly competitive international #Top20countdown. The hit single "Catch You" climbed up the charts holding the second position for the second time this year. However, Ays London & his label "On the Edge Musik Productions" aren't satisfied with being #2. They now have decided to introduce a brand new single to the Trend City audience. Some might already be familiar with this new single as it is a track selected off the recently released Ays London 44 track "Greatest Hits" Album. Which was streamed by Trend City Radio on several special occasions. Now with competing with some of the best talent from all across the world, Ays London hopes the new hit single "Falling" will help him capture another #1 record once again. Still to this date he is the only artist to chart #1 five different times. "Falling" definitely has the potential to help him chart #1 once more! A story driven single that captures the struggles of Ays London & the lost of his love ones. Asking the lord for help as he tries to get out of his state of depression due to all his previous setbacks. I feel this is one of those artist tracks that is worth listening to. Especially to reach a closer connection with the artist & receive a better understanding of him & his journey. I rate this single 5 outta 5 flames! On this particular single you will receive more of a serious side of Ays London. He really stretches out his musical range with every new track that is released. He is currently still is the top artist on Trend City Radio. Click the link below to listen, like, & (or) share.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: http://goo.gl/CucNQ8

Location: U.K., London